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World Boss fight on Hoth 02/19/13

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World Boss fight on Hoth 02/19/13

CaptRavenous's Avatar

02.19.2013 , 01:28 AM | #1
Xardox here!

WOW! Best PUG group ever!

We didn't beat Snowblind, but I have NEVER been with a better PUG in any MMO.

It was a real honour to fight with you guys!

Some of you asked me to add you to friends, for the next time we go after Snowblind on Hoth, and you are added!

Randson, Soot, and Honest-Abe, and any I couldn't remember. It was a real privelege to be in an OPs group with you.

4 or 5 times we tried to take that sucker down! We may not have succeeded, but what a real privelege to fight alongside those who didn't give up easily!

We shall become stronger, and previal in the next fight!

What a great server!

I will announce here, as well as send you in-game mails, the next time we try for the world boss, bringing my guild with me next time, and anyone else who wishes to come. Looking forward to when we take him down!