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Probably another unoriginal queue time complaint thread

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Probably another unoriginal queue time complaint thread

blitzgp's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 10:31 PM | #1
These queue times are getting ridiculous...

On top of, the issues of game crashes and disconnects forcing a player to requeue with no grace period, having to wait excessive periods of time is unsatisfactory.

Bioware had months, or weeks, or whatever extended period of time to determine the number of players that were going to play the game, per server, based off guild rosters, that they should have been able to guesstimate server limits.

Besides these general numbers, it doesn't appear that they are playing the game and seeing what it looks like from a players perspective. I am on a highly populated server with a 1+ hour queue time. With their instance technology, when I play, I get absolutely no lag, but I also do not run into a lot of other players to do PUG dungeons or even quests with. I do not compete whatsoever with quest items or objectives. While this may sound good on paper, waiting 15 or 30 sec on overlapping areas is completely acceptable, but I hardly ever run into people to compete with.

Instead of worrying about when the novelty of an awesome new game will wear off, or extreme numbers of new players, why not just utilize your instancing and just bump up server caps 20-30% temporarily?

I have to cut this rant short, cause I don't want to miss my limited window to get into the game due to long queues.

Covaloch's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 10:36 PM | #2
You know i'm here precisely because I've faced this issue several times now where either the game becomes unresponsive or there's something bad on my end with the connection.

A quick restart, i'd say within the 2 mins mark, and i'm already faced with a bloody 45 min queue. at least give a 10 min leeway. or 5 even. something. the other time, i restarted the client in under 30 secs, and i was faced with a 200 long queue. Unacceptable.
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