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[Discussion]Instant Cast AOE CC (Flashbang + Intimidating Roar + Bubble Stun)

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[Discussion]Instant Cast AOE CC (Flashbang + Intimidating Roar + Bubble Stun)

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02.18.2013 , 11:35 AM | #11
boggles my mind when people ask for MORE stuns in this game for pvp....this game has the longest stuns of any pvp mode of game I've ever played.

wish list for swtor pvp
1. base default pvp gear/stats for each bracket (ala gw2 style, you can still optimize / theory craft with your build for free). I know this will destroy many that have the idea "but I worked / did the grind for my gear, I deserve to pwn noobs", but I think this strategy make pvp much more competitive.

2. Leave stuns/snares/mez where they are and reduce the CC break cooldown dramatically, or cut the stun/snare/mez times down dramatically.

3. More game types / wz maps. I mean hard is it to just copy paste some other zone that is already in the game and create a new wz map? One really cool design in a game I recently picked up (Special Forces: Team X) is the map voting system allows all players to essentially "create" the map by voting on 3 different pieces of each map to form one large map.
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02.18.2013 , 12:48 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by NoTomorrow View Post
Only if asassins lose something as well. I dont think it is fair for warriors and agent to get their aoe mezz nerfed when we have such a CC spitting machine like assassin. A good start would be changing low slash CD to 45s and tanking tree losing the talent that allows spike to be used out of stealth.
Make these nerfs to sins and we can discuss our flashbang nerf.
Our CC is single target. While we have a lot its targeted and 1 of our mezzes needs you to not be incombat to apply. The problem is we've got to much CC in the game. I count roots and snares in that mess. I don't think FB and IR are problems.

Bubble stun is a joke. Its cast on everyone constantly throughout the match. Its a horrible mechanic and needs to get nerfed. The fact that you have that much CC constantly being cast makes the game feel terrible.
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