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Discussion concerning awareness/strategy.

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Discussion concerning awareness/strategy.

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02.18.2013 , 03:29 AM | #31
I don't see myself as a great pvp'er (yet) but I am now really content with the fact that I actually do these things:

- I always try to take a 'fresh target' instead of a wittled down target. Whenever I have some AoE's (Gunslinger/Sentinel) I try to apply it when I see fit to hurt others in the process.

- As an attacker, I try to get a good view of the battlefield as I fly above it. Are we trying to cap something? Do I just go and help them there or do I intercept? When I see "Reds" running from one side node to the other, I usually do the latter.

As a gunslinger I feel I'm most useful when I'm peeling or intercepting because of the vast amount of control options I have (mezz, root, knockback with root and a hard stun as baseline abilities and some slows in specific trees). I usually die because it's a 2/3/4v1 but at least I stalled them.
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03.06.2013 , 05:34 PM | #32
you wanted a video, I did not edit it, friend did. but this is a video of two huttball games, not exceptionally long, but you asked for a video. best I've got so far.
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03.06.2013 , 11:29 PM | #33
The problem with your theory is that in order to keep your numbers advantage enemy players have to die. A guy with 10% health is still putting out production. If you are playing a team that you actually need strategy for, chances are aoe isn't going to hit everyone and at best hit half of your enemy. You could throw dots on the secondary targets so that they are abit whittled when you start on them, but you also have to hope those dots don't get cleared, if they do it's a waste.

What to do depends on your group make up and skill level obviously, but lets say it's 2 guards, 2 healers, 4 dps. What I would do is send the 2 healers and the 4 dps to one side, have one tank stay at mid, the other tank sit underneath to slow/ harass reinforcements from the other side and then have them go back to mid when they respawn. This way you have a 6 on 4, you could even use two different assist teams in that scenario. I would use this because it's fairly simple.

Something else you could do would be to have 2 or 3 people, probably a healer, guard, and stealth so they can last long enough to seem like a threat, start on one side, then attack the other side with everyone else once it's left with one or two and have the second tank sit underneath to delay reinforcements. Then have the first attack group go back to mid to defend it. That concept has a lot more moving parts and it's obviously a gamble since you'd be leaving mid vacant for abit. But against a team that's better than you that's what I'd try, if they have two spots you're going to need to play the numbers game to get one back.

Edit: You could even send the second tank down below once one of the initial group dies, since your enemy would be tied up fighting them still

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03.06.2013 , 11:44 PM | #34
If your team knows how to rotate players properly the way to bust a side-node double defense is to rotate the middle defenders.

If you know the count is 6 - 2 on defense have the people from mid hit the other node while one person is respawning/flying down on the speeder. The person who fly's down assumes watching mid, and as people start wiping the person who watches middle rotates. You keep doing this because when you wipe on offense you tend to have a trickle effect.

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03.06.2013 , 11:45 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by Polymerize View Post
The lack of interest in debating/talking about strategy/awareness from this community appalls me. I must say though, it correlates well with this community's lack of skill/strategy/awareness in PUGGED and RATED matches. Consistency at its finest.
The click to win crowd has no situation awareness beyond their skill bar.

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03.07.2013 , 09:54 AM | #36
It has been said here however in other words. If you feel you dont progress fast on wiping defending team you should immediately proceed to predation move your team to another node and ideally let tank to aoe slow them at the same time. You cant afford to lose time if they got 2:1 nodes.

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03.11.2013 , 12:34 PM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by AngelofCain View Post
you wanted a video, I did not edit it, friend did. but this is a video of two huttball games, not exceptionally long, but you asked for a video. best I've got so far.
SUP Hallow.

I'm looking for an entire game. Contrary to most PVP videos, I want no editing! I want an entire game recorded, not clips of you killing people lol. I'm looking to point out strategy/tactics/awareness throughout the process of the entire game.

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03.11.2013 , 02:39 PM | #38
then why when i ask to ignore mid and go only for grass and snow i'm always flamed?
i really would like to see voice chat in ops, so i could expain this simple mechanic to my teammates :-( or organizing fake attacks to divert don't know how many times i got the WZ simply going to ''their'' node, taking away a couple of defenders called from mid..