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Sergeant Jaxo - Why you hate, Bioware? :(

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Sergeant Jaxo - Why you hate, Bioware? :(

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02.16.2013 , 11:21 PM | #121
Quote: Originally Posted by DrowNoble View Post
That would be true, if this wasn't a Bioware game.

Choices and their consequences have been a staple of Bioware games for years. Even back in KOTOR, doing something like not saving Juhani on Dantooine had an effect later in the game. For them to overlook something so obvious tells me that either (1) they got lazy in SWTOR's development or (2) EA forced them to rush the game out incomplete. The smuggler gets a choice of lady romance options, yet this obvious (to me) option with Jaxo vs Dorne never manifested.
I don't get this. Jaxo is not and was never going to be a romance option. She's a friend and a fling (for males). She figures prominently into the story to set the Trooper up for:


Off topic a bit, this isn't the only missed opportunity I've noticed. In the Knight storyline you meet a "noble" sith Lord Prevan. It seemed to me that by saving him (light side choice), there would be at time I'd have to choose between him and Scourge. It seemed so obvious to me, they are both high ranking Sith Lords yet one redeems and becomes Jedi and other is dark all the way. I expected later in the game I would have to choose between the 2 as a companion and forced to kill the other. Didn't happen.
Of course, it didn't happen. Lord Scourge is

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01.06.2014 , 01:35 PM | #122
Quote: Originally Posted by Kheldras View Post
Sorry, but Jaxo is just some easy girl... Hopping into the box with every Officer in hope of a promotion... after meeting him 2x in the line of duty..... Think, you were the first?

So, no problem letting her die to save a lot more.
Agreed. Jaxo is a "good times girl." Dorne is wife material.

Although my trooper is only in his mid twenties so perhaps there is more Sgt Jaxo char development to come

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04.15.2014 , 03:58 PM | #123
Quote: Originally Posted by HellbirdIV View Post
That's what I wanted to know. Thanks.

I do like that the letter is still in the game though - it just goes to show how much nicer Jaxo is than Dorne when Jaxo sends you love letters and all Dorne does is get fat eating all your food
I'd like to point out that if you take the time to finish the entire romance storyline with Dorne, that gal was bombarding me with love letters and gifts for several days lmao. I think it hasn't continued just because I haven't put much time into that toon since then.

Yeah, Jaxo does show up... and god it took me about two days to recover afterward.

I shall say no more.

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04.22.2014 , 02:40 AM | #124
Romancing Elara is rewarding if you're into more then just pop locking and dropping if you catch my drift. I'm not saying I'd romance Elara over Jaxo but don't crap on Elara cause you aren't into actual romances. I'd pay good money to have Jaxo as my companion but Elara is a very in depth companion that when you strip down her layers, not a sexual reference, you find a human being just looking to be accepted, minor spoiler alert. So in other words, give the Elara romance some credit cause it is an interesting one, better then Jaesa
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05.28.2014 , 07:25 AM | #125
Jaxo is supposed to be interesting and appealing so that...


Don't complain about Dorne. Male smugglers have to choose between a self-centered bloodthirsty mob princess and a psychotic bloodthirsty mercenary. I'll take boring over that any day.
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