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Leveling Guide

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02.15.2013 , 08:25 PM | #1
Hello Jedi's And Sith. Hunters,Troopers,Agents and Smuggs.
Im going to show you how to level up fast so you can knock out planets that you hate or are stuck on. (ALDERAAN!!!!)

PvP Warzones: Warzones are a great way to level up because everything you do (Healing,Kills,Goals,etc) gets you XP. Warzones can At Times Give You Quite Alot Of XP ranging from 1000 to the 100k (from what i hear if your really good). Warzones are a great way to level because not only are they not boring they are fun and exciting . If You are a high enough level (level 40) than you can get warzone armor that is speciffiicly for batlle and attack/defense.

How To Beat Others:

Troopers/Bounty Hunters:If You Are A Jedi/Sith you can beat them pretty easily as long as they arent 10 levels higher than you,but be careful for they are the killers of their factions and they have abilites MADE for force users and melee alike,so make sure to get your speed and defense abilitys.

Jedi Knights/Sith Warriors: If You Can Shoot than the key to winning is Stun And Gun. use your stun abilitys on the Guardians/Juggernauts, And if you can use your area sweepers (Death From Above,Lightning Strike,Orbital Beacon ,etc) than use those when you stun them. And if you are a force user yourself just use every attack you can throw. As for Marauders and Sentinels use as many attacks at your disposal because the key to killing them is Brute Force and power.

Imperial Agents/Smugglers:

These classes are speedy and if they get the chance can lay a few critical hits on you. the best way to kill them is to just go all out on them and avoid the IA's Vibroknives as alot of players like walking around you and stabbing you with those things. (HIGHLY annoying if you ask me...use a sweeper ability to get them away from you) as for smugglers i dont find them as challenging as IA's so just use brute force against them.

Jedi Counsulars/Sith Inquisitors:

These classes prove annoying depending on the AC. For Sage's/Sorc's they can heal themselves so just attack and keep your watch for tehy have some powerful abilities at their disposal that can slow,stun and just do alot of status effects.Now as for the Shadows/Assassins...pure attack is NOT recommended as they are tanks and tanks are made to take abuse and destroy.The way to defeat these are to use defense enhancments and to use alot of powerful attacks because they can only use light armor so their defense isint as great as all other classes if you are the same level with them.

Same Class As You Are:

Now to deal with other BH'S/trooper and etc you need to know what your class is weak against...aim?...power?....defense?....use your weakness and strength to your advantage for they will not hesitate. :rak_ 09:

Space Missions:Space Missions are missions that are acessible when you get your ship (after DK/Corusaunt). When you see these missions i must warn you...there are ALOT of annoying missions when you are level 25 or make sure to get level 3 ship equipment when you can and do the czerka missions on tatooine for a special beam generator(so that equals 2 good things a Beam Generator and XP).Make sure to get the missions on the space mission bounty board on your ship before you go on one so you can get Xp,it would be horrible if you got through a mission and you didint get any XP. but the key to beating these missions is to focus on the task at hand and destroy everything that stands in your way.and try doing bonus missions for they give extra Xp...may not be much but at least its something...


These missions offer quite alot of XP if you choose the right one...but all i can say is MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS THE CORRECT LEVEL REQUIREMENT AND MAKE SURE TO BE A TEAM!!!!!!!!(there have been MANY times where a jerk ditched me and a few guys and we kept losing the mission...SO WORK TOGETHER AND DONT LEAVE THE MISSION UNLESS YOU NEED TO!)

Anyways thats it! i hope you enjoyed and have a excellent day! if you want to know the server i play on its the begeren coloney and my character names are (for empire i dont really play my republic side much :P)
BH Inquis Warrior IA Inquis

i hope you enjoyed! the names above are my character names!

P.S. The Guild I Am In Are Called Doomwalkers A Friendly Hardcore Rp/PvE/Military Guild Led By Lord Kolgaros! if you would like to join ask one of my characters to join!(ask on Friday/Saturday/Sunday im busy on the week)

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02.15.2013 , 09:15 PM | #2
+1 for the effort. Reminds me of when I first started playing games without worrying too much about the facts.