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Merc healer looking for Guild

Porpuspumper's Avatar

02.13.2013 , 01:37 PM | #1
I am looking for an end game progression raiding guild, 18+ year old members. My schedule for raiding consists of Monday - Friday 5 pm - 12 am central time, Saturdays anytime, Sundays anytime till midnight.

I took some time off of swtor for school and work and have been playing the game again for 3 weeks. I have ran EV SM a few times, but I would like to start attacking more end game content.

I also preferr if the guild is not "newly formed", would like to slide right into an established guild on the server and I am prefectly content with being in a 2nd or 3rd raid group. I have vent and ts3 and previous raiding experience from playing other mmo's online.

Please send an in game whisper to "Sprungstream" for recruitment questions and any other questions you might have if I did not address them in this post. Thank you for your consideration!

Porpuspumper's Avatar

02.13.2013 , 05:08 PM | #2
Please disregard the post, I have found a new guild. Thank you all for your considerations!