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Looking to try out for a PvP Guild - Imp or Pub

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Looking to try out for a PvP Guild - Imp or Pub

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02.13.2013 , 11:39 AM | #1
After a 2 week break my guild seems to have melted away. I'm looking to run some pug or ranked matches with guilds to see if I'm a fit for them. Recently moved to the east coast (2 weeks now). I'm a decent fit for guilds looking for bodies during 6pm server time.

Combined valor near 500. This does count the mara I deleted a long time back.

50s I'm willing to play atm.
Jugg - Mix/max Rage geared & Tank gear 25k health (still needs work but decent)
PT - Min/max-ish DPS gear
Oper - Min/max-ish DPS and Heal gear
Sniper - Min/max-ish, needs work but manageable
Sorc - Retired but willing to reinstate, needs work (has been my pve toon since he hit valor 80)
Shadow - Min/Max ish DPS

I play a lot of toons so I've settled mostly for min/max WH gear with EWH main/offhands. Add in more EWH as I finish daily/weekly(s).

I have a merc heals at 48 that will be somewhat geared at 50. I'd like to try him in rateds... someday.

Hit me up on the forums or in game on either Xlk (imp) or Ynk (pub)

This weekend will be my first open in a long time, I will be on plenty.
Wnk & Zlk & Knk & Xlk & Znk & Ynk & Tnk & Qnk & Chart
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