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EC HM: Kephess Question

-Sirus-'s Avatar

02.12.2013 , 02:13 PM | #21
I've had more personal success with just run out strategies than the los trick. A lot of this is because the los trick causes a difference set of problems. DPS drastically slows when your range all duck down to hide. This can throw off your prediction of when the pull will occur. So healers might stop healing to hide and be LoSed from tanks unable to heal for a stretch before the pull and right after the pull. Dropping too early can cause tank to take too much unhealed damage and possible panic a healer to hop back out to throw a heal just in time to get pulled in from max distance, facing the wrong direction, and not having properly prepared to run out.

Some tips to make the run strategy work more cleanly

-Already be facing the direction you want to run
-Closer you are to kephess, the less airtime
-speed boost if you have it
-friendly leap if you have it (and someone is faster than you)
-keep an eye on kephess % so that you don't get surprised by it
-run forward, never back peddle
-slinger/sniper screen to reduce damage
-cooldown if you have one
-non tanks should take 0 damage during the entirety of the final phase. so healers can pretty much just ignore that damage and focus on the tanks