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Jedi Guardian - Companion Quest / Convo Access --- Unavailable / Inaccessible

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Jedi Guardian - Companion Quest / Convo Access --- Unavailable / Inaccessible

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12.20.2011 , 08:52 PM | #1
To put it in simple terms... my companions tell me they want to chat with the little icon on the bottom left of their portrait, but then it vanishes quickly and I never see it again and I can't chat with them on the ship even if I go immediately to it. If I do see a quest above their head I can't chat or talk to them for a convo because their body isn't there, just their name and the triangle above it. Or worse, I'll talk to them and they'll say they want to chat and on the ship and rest zones they'll just throw out a "we should fight, talk later".

Outside of a story mission that related to one of my characters stories... and thus opened up the option to talk twice... and the first time I talked to T7... I haven't been able to chat with any of them.

They're both at relatively high levels of reputation (almost the mid bar mark) and yet little progression if any has gone on. I also know a level 28 quest is going to be given by one of them and by the time I get it I'll be much higher and so what's the point? (Of course, this entire game I have always been 4 - 5 levels above everything and leveling far too quickly just doing the quests.) This is just wrong.

I talk to my trooper friend and he has like 8 quests at just 3000 reputation (err 8 convo's and 3 quests) with his companions. He also has 3 companions while I'm still stuck with 2 that do nothing but not let me talk to them.

This is just not fun.