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Superqueue Stalemate Sage Perspective

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Superqueue Stalemate Sage Perspective

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02.10.2013 , 07:54 PM | #1
Here's a game where 2 guildies, some pugs, and I stalemate a 7 man Unicorn Stampede pre-made in voidstar. I didn't really expect to get a door, but I'm rather pleased that we stopped them from capping. Mostly I'm uploading this because it was insane how often I escaped death from their shadow and 4 smashers. As someone who rarely queues with a dedicated tank I've learned to play guerilla tactics style and this is just a kind of ridiculous example of me surviving. If you are having trouble surviving as a sage healer this is a good example of how to kite like crazy. However I did die 10 times, mostly in the second round (hard to avoid), but still ended up with almost 1 million heals. Enjoy!
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