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What's the best way to take down Juggernauts?

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What's the best way to take down Juggernauts?

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02.10.2013 , 03:46 AM | #11
My 5 cents, I will try to explain.

Hammershot when in 30m range, try and get PC to proc and pop off a quick HIB. Let him jump you, right after the little stun from the jump... pop off ur neural surge and start poping off IR IP and HIB try and get as much burst in that cooldown, as when the Jugg comes out 7/10 times they spam smash and if ur just out of 4ms they dont hit you with it,
Next is a few seconds of kitting, if he is good he will push you and jump again. You can use ur other stun but i save this for when the juggs at 15% HP he will usually pop ALL of his Defensive CDs( the only way they win is by popping off everything.. anyone else notice, that they just don't die like a normal person) and try and kill you... This is the perfect time for that 4 second stun. Use it and just **** off away from him about 8-9 Ms, this will just waste his CDs he popped. Kite him a few more seconds until all of his Cds are off then back to bursting him down and finishing him off.

In the betweens I try and get a few IP and a few Hs just to keep some dmg going.

They do have a lot of utility and are hard to kill.