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Trooper Story Question

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Trooper Story Question

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02.08.2013 , 05:53 PM | #1
Is it better to go LS or DS as a Trooper? I've heard DS is more like by the books or something, while LS is saving as many as you can while killing as few as needed. Which alignment makes more sense overall in the story? Which one is more interesting? Which gives the best experience as a Trooper?

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02.08.2013 , 06:05 PM | #2
ive played enough troopers to say depends on your point of view. but lvl 47 trooper is nether full ls or ds. mostl ls. but i think for me it depends on the situation.
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02.08.2013 , 06:19 PM | #3
Both are kind of inconsistent hypocrites. Dark siders shoot more people, but they're also far more mercenary and self centered. They're absolutely not 'by the books', unless the book advocates executing prisoners and taking bribes. They also make by far the most contemptable, selfish choice that I've really encountered in any of the class stories. Light siders are more principled, but also make a whole lot of stupid decisions that make no military or logical sense. The ending as light side also has the slight side effect of invalidating two chapters of your class story.

I much prefer just going with what I figure is right under the circumstance, but eh.