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02.06.2013 , 09:03 PM | #91
Quote: Originally Posted by MotorCityMan View Post
I don't get why the OP is waiting so long to quit. It's not like there aren't a lot of other choices. If you get into a wz facing a premade, just quit. I can tell in 30 seconds if I am facing an organized premade. Just AFK out. Better yet, just quit STWOR randoms and pvp in a game that doesn't have all the crazy imbalances. Or make the cheesiness of premades rollin pugs work for ya. Find some people that like doin that sort of thing and become "friends" and start facerollin them pugs. And don't forget to tell your new friends how them pugs deserve to get creamed because they are "bads". They like that stuff.
I think a lot of the PUGs are masochists. They get joy from getting constantly humiliated and destroyed.

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02.06.2013 , 09:16 PM | #92
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSabreth View Post
while i agree with you that premades should be seperate from the pugs but right now its not viable because:

1. BW will not or cannot instill a cross server pvp que.
2. who wants to sit around for 2+ hours in que for rateds because there is not enough on the server queing for them.
3. most good players get bored steamrolling pugs so the only ones that do it on a constant basis are the ones that want easy wins.
4. the devs dont seem to put pvp as a priority so any agressive changes will take along time if at all.

I will not be quiting this game i love the story and i like star wars, the only strong issue i have with this game is with the resolve changes that happened in patch 1.4

This 100x

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02.06.2013 , 11:05 PM | #93
Quote: Originally Posted by ArchangelLBC View Post
Or you could unite now.

By forming your own groups.

And getting into vent.

I'm just saying, why let BW control when you'll finally get to have fun. Take control of your game now.
this tbh
L y n x Is so bad
A e t e r n a

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02.06.2013 , 11:45 PM | #94
Look guys, I Pug ALL of my warzones. I play a commando healer class, which is a tough class to pug. Now I have been in pre-mades before the server merge, but after the merge, I pug now. I have been on both sides of the fence. There is NOTHING wrong with pre-mades. Queuing with friends needs to be encouraged. Pugging by yourself will have repercussions. Not to mention, just because you are against a pre-mades doesn't make it an automatic lost. People will always find something to complain about. You really need to reflect on yourself and come to the conclusion you aren't a god at MMOs like you want to believe.

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02.07.2013 , 12:01 AM | #95
Quote: Originally Posted by Briggs_Knightly View Post
You are just silly. Can you not read...

I do not want to play IN a premade. I said so above.

I enjoy playing with and against different people all the time.
There were a whole lot of people like me.
Now there are fewer and soon will be none unless EA does something to keep us interested.
Would you cut it out with the "us" there is no us, me and other people are ok, only problem im seeing at this time is you.
Ya you can guess what finger i'll be having up at your idea of what the "Real Star Wars" is.

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02.07.2013 , 02:16 AM | #96
Quote: Originally Posted by LogicalPremise View Post
I can't believe this is a thread.

The entire argument "give us what we want or we quit" is the highest level of illogicality ever , as if this person speaks for a significant group of anyone. (Besides bads).

Ugly and several others have tried, with far more patience than I would have , to drive two simple points into your brains, which you continually resist.

1) What you want (a queue of people who are not in a group) will not solve your problem in any way, shape or form without better matchmaking. You will still get rolled , by people better than you. You will still be trounced, by people who know their class when you do not. You will not even get occasional wins by having a premade on your side. Then you will come here and complain again. Taking premades out of the mix only ensures that whatever side has the most experienced 50's in the best gear wins. Period. End of story. That's no better than what you have now. In fact it will be worse -- the people who LIKE beating up on pugs in BiS gear and years of experience will solo que and there won't even be premades to slow these people down.

2) There's no fun in beating on pugs when you have everything you need and are in BiS gear. At that point you want a challenge. PUGS think premades like beating up on them because PUGS don't get the idea of a challenge. But in the system you describe, premades are punished with long queue times to make up for your lack of ability. In other words, the people derping around get nothing, and the people who play the game right get nothing.

You want a solo que? It should be pure deathmatch, I've soloed this week just to see and most pugs are incapable of even following simple instructions or basic teamwork. A solo queue for objective based maps is just going to be a derp-farm of medal farming , mixed with the people who like killing pugs who solo group.
1. It wont solve it but it will make it much, much better for PUGs. What you and so many others don't understand is the fact that players that like to PUG are not bothered by getting killed by better players. There will always be better players and I think we all can agree on that. The fact that bothers us is getting stomped by a team of players who have nothing else to do, continuously. They have and will play much, much more than we have or will. That's the reason they are called hardcore and we are called casual players. Our understanding of the word "play" differs.

2. Than why do you keep playing in a pre-made? Maybe to farm comms for grade 8 stuff? Or do you simply like owning others?

I am amazed how much win/lose attitude there is among players. Maybe that is just a personality thing and you gals and guys actually don't know any better. Bet let's try ... having fun in playing is (or should be) the most important thing in playing! Not winning or losing. Sure, winning gets you a nice feeling and more comms, but is that all you care about? Is having your face planted in the behind of your buddy all the time, really the only thing you enjoy?
I've tried premade group and while it can be fun while you learn the composition and team play, it can become like a work with the attitude it usually brings. It's the "we must win" mentality that has made me quit two premade groups so far. It's just too much like work and obsession. But this is just my experience, and it doesn't represent any other, of course.
PUGs bring some chaos and unpredictability into "been there, done that" constant, repeating WZs. They are a group of players, just like a premade so please stop with this "its an MMO so premade is the only way to go" mentality and try to understand that separating yourselves and us is going to help you as well. You will not longer have to compete against bad teams. Unless that is the way you get wet (or hard depending on your sex) of course. You will no longer have to play unchallenging WZs. You will not longer have to play against people that just don't understand how the game is supposed to be played right (I really don't understand where you get he idea that playing in a premade is playing the game right).

If the only way of playing WZs for you is premade, please feel free to do that. But allow us the same freedom to have an option to play the way we want it. In a crazy, unpredictable and chaos filled world that is called PUG.

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02.20.2013 , 03:34 PM | #97
This is not going away...

The rate at which people are quitting WZs is rising dramatically.
The rate at which paying customers will leave will soon mirrow this trait.

WZ PVP is not getting better... it is getting worse.

Almost all PVP matches are now heavily lopsided.

EA has failed
EA/BW: Please FIRE all who worked on PVP for incompetence. Thx.
50-Merc 50-Op 50-VG 40-GunS 50-Jug 50-Shadow 40-Sent 40-Sorc
OK, I have given up on EA/BW! Any suggestions for my next game?

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02.20.2013 , 03:53 PM | #98
Quote: Originally Posted by Briggs_Knightly View Post
This is not going away...

The rate at which people are quitting WZs is rising dramatically.
The rate at which paying customers will leave will soon mirrow this trait.

WZ PVP is not getting better... it is getting worse.

Almost all PVP matches are now heavily lopsided.

EA has failed
The matches are lopsided because the players suck. The overall quality of PvPers has gone down drastically, since the release of F2P. To anyone who is complaining about premades, this is coming from the King of Pugs, games are won off of individual skill, not 4 people of the same guild. This game comes down to individual skill, and people need to realize they aren't as good as the think.

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02.20.2013 , 04:28 PM | #99
Quote: Originally Posted by cashogy_reborn View Post
"bioware, they beat me! i want to win! make it so i dont have to play against good players anymore!"

Yea kick the guy while he is down!... Guessing your one of those that rolfstomp people in your little school of Premadonna's.. You guys normally pray on the weak

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02.20.2013 , 04:38 PM | #100
I've had this type of discussion a million times, in far far too many different games.

There's usually two sides to the discussion:

A)The PuGers, who are tired of having less fun because of premades causing one-sided games.

B)The premade players, who always make the argument: "You should join a premade, yourself, instead of complaining." Just a side note about these players - Typically, they are people who lack the balls to play alone, and rely on team so that they can have easier wins. Of course, they will tell you that they do it because they want to play with friends; but the reality is that they would never be caught dead outside of a premade.

I am all for players being able to play with friends. I do it often myself. But I ALSO enjoy solo queuing, because I am a casual gamer.

What it really comes down to, is that the argument group B typically uses, trying to say that PuGs should simply join a premade, themselves, is flawed. Why? Because that solution would FORCE those of group A to play the game in a way they do not want to. Of course, then many of group B will respond by saying that it's the way the game was "meant" to be played, because it is an MMO, which by nature means that you are supposed to play with others. Then I would respond by pointing out that players that solo queue, are actually IN FACT playing with others, by doing so. They are simply using the system to find a group for them, rather than having to find the time and make the commitments to form or join their own.

Those of group A have a valid gripe, because their game play is being negatively impacted by those of group B! Yet the opposite can not be said about group B. In fact, group B basically depends on group A, in the games current state! But group A actually in no way depends on group B. If there was a solo only queue, WZ queues would be just fine, and PuGs would be quite happy.

The solution? That's the tough part!

The problem with having a solo only queue, is that those in a premade must then join a premade only queue. And if there's one thing premades are good at doing, it's shooting themselves in the foot! Typically a small number of (or even one) elitist groups will dominate the server, and go to great lengths to stomp out any competition (Granted, some servers are getting wise and actually trying to breed more competition rather than just trying to crush all opposing teams, but this is still limited.). This is actually an effect I have seen in many MMO's, not just this one.

As another side note: I love the irony of how those of group B, tell those of group A that they need to simply join a premade themselves - Yet if they actually DID, we'd see the eventual outcome of what I described in the paragraph above. Premade players can say all they want about PuGers, but the absolute truth, is that whether they know it or not, they actually depend on them. Without PuGers, WZ's would slowly but surely die off.

In my personal opinion, there is one compromise that I feel works in everyone's best interests. Each WZ team should have one premade "slot." You would be required to have a team of 4, to join the queue as a premade team. In order for you, as a premade group, to be placed into a game by the system, there would need to be another premade of 4 in the queue, that would be placed in the opposing team's "slot." So if there were 16 solo queuers, and only one premade group, queued, then the system would start a game with the 16 solo players, and the 4 in the premade would have to wait until another premade queues. To make up for this disparity, when there are 2 premades queued, they are put at the top of the queue, above the soloers.

Of course, this type of system would still allow for one-sided games due to one premade being vastly superior to the other. But the very same thing could happen in a solo only queue, if one team gets too many bad players. There's no eliminating this type of thing completely, but it would be minimized.

The main downside, would be that you couldn't queue as a group of 3 or less. Like I said, it's a compromise. Solo queuers, would rather have solo only queue, so they would be compromising as well. But overall, this compromise would balance things greatly, since it wouldn't allow for one team to have a premade, and the other to not have one. It would also not allow a team to have more than one premade.

Also, if you wanted to queue as a group less than 4, the system should at least insure that your entire group is in the same game - So you would at least have a chance of being on the same team, but would also have a chance of being put in opposite teams, playing against each other. Sounds fun to me, personally.