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Crew skill legacy managment

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Crew skill legacy managment

Khevar's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 03:51 PM | #11
A legacy cargo hold would be more valuable to me personally than every other legacy perk currently available.

Heck, I'd even spend Cartel Coins on it.

Do want!

Edit: Legacy crafting might be a bit more difficult. I'm trying to imagine how the UI would work. I have toons listing stuff on the gtn, so I'd need to check mailboxes, inventory of things recently crafted, etc. It would be great if such a thing could be worked out, but it seems it would be either super complex or not really useful.

Glower's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 01:32 AM | #12
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Djavo's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 03:46 AM | #13
Great post !

Raansu's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 05:35 AM | #14
For the love of God yes. I'm so tired of logging in and out all the time for crafting, it's so damn annoying.

HumanPirhana's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 07:08 AM | #15
Hello, I'm an altoholic crafter, and I enthusiastically support this idea. Both ideas really, sending alt comps on missions from a legacy interface and legacy storage as well. Both would be godsends to my gaming experience.
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Sandrockster's Avatar

08.23.2015 , 03:55 PM | #16
i rather see the crew skill use the legacy cargo holds then be able to run all crew from one toon

MSchuyler's Avatar

08.25.2015 , 10:43 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Sandrockster View Post
i rather see the crew skill use the legacy cargo holds then be able to run all crew from one toon
Great necro, but as I understand it, at the time this thread was under active discussion, there was no legacy cargo hold, so basically BW implemented one when strongholds came out. Maybe they actually DO read these forums!
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