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Help with Enhancements

PadawanRick's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 06:12 AM | #1
Hi, got a question about enhancements, i am a level 27 Jedi Sentinel with Artifice as my crafting crew skill, i am currently about to make some enhancements for me and my companions (tier 11) but there are so many differents ones (absorb, critical, defense, ferver, power, rage and rigor) which all give different stats, i was wondering if there is a specific stat each class should focus on or it is free to choose?, same goes for my companions, does they also have a stat that is most suitable for them?, if anyone can shed some light on this for me i would appreciate it, perhaps if there was some guide somewhere?
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psandak's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 09:51 AM | #2
Most of the time stat priorities depend on your advanced class and skill tree you've chosen. In the case of the Jedi Sentinel If you are a Watchman or Combat spec then stat priority is:

#1 - 110% Accuracy
#2 - Strength
#3 - 30% Critical Strike Rating
#4 - 75% Surge Rating
#5 - Power

But if you are a Focus spec then the order changes to:

#1 - Main hand 110% Accuracy
#2 - Strength
#3 - Power
#4 - 75% Surge Rating
#5 - 30% Critical Strike Rating

This information comes from: Not much of a difference (power and crit rating swap spots), but obviously someone has figured out that to maximize potential one should use the stat priorities above.

As for your companions, in my experience, I simply focus on the primary stat with some attention placed on not useful secondary stats. For example, The Jedi Knight's companion Doc is a cunning healer companion, so get him as much cunning as you can, but because he is a healer he has little use for accuracy so avoid accuracy. That being said, if an item is a particularly large upgrade for a companion in everything but an undesirable stat just go for it, (Doc will still shoot at targets every now and again so accuracy is not a complete waste).

ArenRakescar's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 11:14 AM | #3
There's another fairly comprehensive guide located at

The variety of enhancements available at end-game is truly staggering, but it's for a reason: to allow you to reach optimal stats for your class/build (basically fine-tuning your gear).

While still leveling, it's not absolutely vital to optimize your stat distribution. Just have a clear idea about what role you are performing in combat and gear accordingly. (eg. don't put absorption enhancements on a DPS toon or alacrity on a melee*). You'll be swapping gear pretty regularly along the way to 50, so don't incur extra expense chasing stat nirvana.

On Companions... They will confound you. Many of them are actually hybrid spec, but they all have a designated role and usually some specific skills which complement that role. (T7 is a ranged tank, Kira is a melee DPS, etc)

*edit: Of course after 2.0 hits everyone will want alacrity at the endgame.

rgrocott's Avatar

01.29.2013 , 01:08 PM | #4
Like Aren said, don't worry too much about stat priorities while levelling. Pretty much all guides will be based on L50 characters with a full set of skills, and probably also focussing on boss fights in Operations where you need more accuracy than you do while levelling.

As a simple rule of thumb, for yourself as a melee DPS any enhancement with Power, Crit, Surge or Accuracy is going to be helpful, and Endurance never hurts. For tank companions, you want Shield, Absorb, Defense, and Endurance. Healer companions would benefit from Power, Crit, Surge and Alacrity. Ranged DPS companions - Power, Crit, Surge, not sure about Accuracy or Alacrity, probably depends on the companion and their skills?

PadawanRick's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 12:58 AM | #5
I'm sorry for the very late reply, it is hard work trying to keep the gear upgraded throughout all the levels (and they come fast too) so decided to stick with power all the way then until i reach level 50. I switched from watchman to focus to as it seems to fit me better so won't have any trouble now until deciding final gears later on. Very useful websites, thank you for all the help and may the force be with you
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