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Rollback compensation?

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02.05.2013 , 11:49 AM | #31
i believe the issues started with patch 1.6.2 which they then tried and failed to fix in 1.6.2a
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02.05.2013 , 12:15 PM | #32
I would like some compensation,sick and tired of this.
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02.05.2013 , 06:24 PM | #33
Bioware, no answer for this?

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03.10.2013 , 10:46 PM | #34
So i was doing some quests on Nar Shaddaa on my Jedi Consular - Sage, who is now level 35.
At a certain point, i and another player met up. He showed me 1 of the items he had bought. That Carbonite Chamber.
I did'nt had have enough cartel points at that moment and neither do i have now.

So i asked him if that item Binds on Pickup and he said it didn't.
So then i asked him how much credits he wanted if he bought me 1.
He said 50,000 Credits (or 50k in short)

Anyway, he bought the Carbonite Chamber & i paid 50k credits to him. Then i quick traveled back to the spaceport, went back on my ship and flew back to the fleet.

Then i went to chat in General when all of a sudden, it logged me back to the character screen.
So i logged back in to that sage and to my surprise, the Carbonite Chamber was gone from my inventory but i regained my money and on top of that, i was back on Nar Shaddaa and so i had to use my "Emergency Fleet Pass" to get back to the fleet fast.

Then i asked that guy if he had his Cartel Points refunded and he said he did'nt.
I also asked him if he had it in his inventory then and he said he did'nt had it in his inventory either, so, that was'nt the case either.

So, that being said,

I hope BioWare is going to do something about it.
By either restoring that specific item OR giving me 720 Cartel Points so i can buy it myself.
Because at this moment, there are no Carbonite Chambers on the Galactic Trade Market

Whichever it is, i don't mind but i want something to be done about it
So Bioware... What's it gonna be?

Oh, and the server i am on?
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03.13.2013 , 11:48 AM | #35

I just checked my in-game ticket again regarding this matter and i noticed a reply.
Unfortunatly, the answer i got, was'nt the answer i wanted to hear. Infact, it made me quitte upset.
Because i bought an item from a friend, i had it in my inventory and then i flew back to the fleet. Then the Rollback happened. I logged back in and the item i bought was now gone.

So, i requested an item restoration but i was basically told they weren't allowed to do so.

So lemme get something straight here:
I lost something due to a technical error on BioWare's end, and i am not permitted to ask for a item restoration?
Well, i can ask, but i won't get it. (according to that representive that is)

So basically, just gonna have to sit there and take it?!
You know, if i threw an item away accidentally, okay... i mean, they could be like "Well, pay attention next time when u throw something away then" and with that i'm cool but this was due to an error on YOUR end BioWare, Not mine.
Which means, i have every single right to ask for an item restoration in this case.

And quitte frankly... i will keep on "whining" & "moaning" until i get some compensation.
If i don't get some compensation, i will quit this game completely and spread the word to others that were thinking of going to play this game. Telling them how bad your customer support is and you should'nt waste time on it.
Ban me & i'll sue your company by takin' it to court. Because i will if i have to.

You see, i do love this game i really do (or at least i did) but if u can't satisfy your paying customers in situations like this, then there's no point on wasting time on it. You see, i worked at a store for like 3,5 years, where u get customers too, where u have to serve people too and you can't allways be like "get", "get", "get" sometimes u also need to give in order to keep your customers satisfied. That's the way it is Especially when you know that people spend real money on something they want. I do not have a wide budget allready, so when i pay for something, i expect some quality. Which is obviously hard to find these days with this game and it's company

And clearly, from what i just written, this was the tip of the iceberg so to speak (or however u people call it)
As said before, i do love this game (or at least i did) but right now, i've about had it. Now i do appologize to the fact, if i was a little too harsh and out of line, i truly am but deep down, you know it's the truth. Deep down, you know i'm right.

I mean (and this is the final thing i'm going to say about it in this reply, yes, "Thank God" as some may think)
Look at the statistics for crying out loud. With the release of this game more then a year ago, the game had alot of players. But look at it now... it has become way less. And i can guarantee u that it will keep on decreasing if things like this, does'nt change. And also, i am not the only 1 who was a victim of this Rollback on the server. Many more had it. Many more people lost items or progress in a raid, quest, ops or whatever.

Again, i'm truly sorry if this was a little harsh and out of line, but deep down, u know this is the truth
and therefore, i won't put up with a simple "no" (at least not without a fight)

Thats all i have to say (for now at least)
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03.14.2013 , 05:03 AM | #36
well i guess im with u guys as no doubt im about to get screwed again with lost stuff not sure how fare oit is rolling back but i got a load of rakata gear on tuesday if i loose that i will be annoyed and 600 cartel coins won't even dent that stupid lazt bioware sort your stuff out before u immplement it please
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