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Stat priority for Zenith (& other companions)

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Stat priority for Zenith (& other companions)

EyelessOne's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 09:31 AM | #1
After Cunning, what gear stat bonuses should I be looking to boost on Zenith? I've not played a sniper and am not 100% sure what will help him the most.

I mostly use Nadia and HK, but I'd like to mix it up with all my companions while doing dailies. Advice on any other companion's gearing would be appreciated if you're inclined to give it.


Cleet_Xia's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 02:41 PM | #2
I'm sure you know how to find their main stat in your codex.

Gearing nadia in my hand me downs she topped out at about 25% crit, because companions lack stat boosts from tech tree bonuses, they have a different set of DR curves, or both. (same gear provided me with almost 30% crit)

Companions also lack any of the bonuses to tech or force attacks that players enjoy from their tech tree.

The tank companions have a lower defense stats for the same reasons. But the shield/absorb stats appear to work almost exactly like they do for a player. So the tank companion ends up with a lower defense rating but normal shield/absorb with a particular set of gear.

For that reason I switched to gearing my dps & healing companions with power/alacrity, and my tank companions with extra defense. I feel it made a noticeable difference in their performance.

HK may be a whole different story ~ because of it's bonus damage attacks on procs and the killing move. It's a completely different AI than the other 2 dps companion types, with two viable main stats. It's possible that it works entirely different than the other companions.
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EyelessOne's Avatar

02.04.2013 , 08:06 PM | #3
Thanks for the input Cleet - some interesting info to chew on there. And yes, I'm definitely familiar with the primary stat for each companion. I was looking for some specifics on secondary priorities. Here is what I'm working toward right now:

Zenith: Accuracy - crit/surge - power
Nadia: Accuracy - crit/surge - power
Tharan: Power - crit/surge - alacrity (I've read alacrity is not a big boost for him)
Qyzen/Iresso: Absorption - shield - defense (placing it 3rd based on Cleet's comments above)

If anyone sees things differently I'd appreciate hearing about it.