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Jedi Knight Story and the Jedi Philosophy.

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Jedi Knight Story and the Jedi Philosophy.

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02.04.2013 , 12:06 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Phoenixbowman View Post
Growing up I had a hard time feeling anything positive (parents fought a lot.) I was emotionally stunted for the longest time. If i even began to feel happy I would mentally shut it down. Yes, I was miserable.

I'm getting better now though. After living basically being emotionless growing up I really don't want to hear about it in a game. So yes, I was living the Jedi code w/or realizing it (the whole there is no emotion part) and it was a living nightmare.

So no to Trooper because of the story (I'll be living it and I dont want to get any misconceptions about the military from it.)

Jedi Knight maybe if the philosophy isn't anywhere in the story. Same with Jedi Consular.....the risk of the philosophy being there.

OR Smuggler and have to deal with having to Press F to go into cover every single time.

PS: When I read "There is no emotion, there is peace." I think of the way I was. I literally shut down anything positive. It took years and years and countless hours of help from friends and family before I could begin to allow myself to feel positive emotions again (Happiness, Joy, Care, Love, Compassion, Family and friend relationship connections.)

So when I read "There is no emotion, there is peace" it disturbs me greatly because I think that "There is no emotion, there is peace" is saying that emotions should be suppressed, denied, pushed aside, and ignored.
I can't see a problem.Just play jedi knight and go dark side.All kinds of emotions and plenty of them.

You don't have to be an exemplary jedi.There are many ways to rp this game.

Btw jedi are not about getting rid of emotions,except those associated with the dark side.They are not againts ''Happiness, Joy, Care, Love, Compassion, Family and friend relationship''.Except the jedi in this era don't look kindly to love,but are not so strict about it.Only after the Ruusan reformation they have strict rules about that ,including not meeting or have any association with family or create one,and that rule is abolished In the new jedi order in the events after the movies.

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02.04.2013 , 04:56 AM | #52
You don't have to be dark side to do things your own way... at least not as far as the game is concerned.

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02.04.2013 , 04:49 PM | #53
If I can come to the aid of people and help alleviate suffering as a Sith (as in the faction) then I'll do that. As long as a player in the Sith faction is not forced to be cruel. Think being forced to act like Moff Tarkin, Vader, and Palpatine. Being stuck on a moral rail (like very old school single player games where the player was "on a rail" with only one way to go.) as a Sith with the quests that are presented.

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02.04.2013 , 05:02 PM | #54
Worry not, I get what you all are saying. That Jedi are not supposed to hate: love, passion, care, emotion, kindness, empathy, all of that. Yet The Jedi Order on Tython seems to put all of that down. Not in actions all the time, but in their word and code. Especially with those lovers.

Yet the Sith have all of this: rage, hate, spite, and bitterness. Those are their qualities from what I saw in the opening cinematic for the Sith. Yet the Jedi on Tython, instead of embracing the qualities and morals which can counteract what the Sith have, they have nothing moral wise to counter act. And neither Sith nor Jedi to seem to value love.

In real life I admire and see the value in love. Platonic, Familial (sp?), and Romantic. And in this game the Sith don't seem to cherish it. They're about being grrr and generally spiteful and hateful.

Jedi can't hope to counteract the Sith through force alone. The ones on Tython need to embrace the morals that are the opposites of the Sith's morals. The Jedi oppose the Sith in terms of force but in denying positive morals and positive emotions, the Jedi on Tython do not oppose the Sith in terms of morality

The Jedi in the Extended universe and I think the ORIGINAL SW Trilogy do have care, compassion, all of those positives. And they use them in the correct way. They show them and feel them without being forced to go Dark.

This comparison is between the Tython type Jedi and the Sith (opening cinematic.) THOSE Sith have both physical prowress and morals. The Tyton type Jedi have phyiscal prowress but no positive morals/emotions to counteract those that the Sith have.

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02.04.2013 , 05:21 PM | #55
Ahahhaahaa..HAHAHAHAHAA! The Bounty Hunter companion for MALE bounty hunter's is a woman named Mako. Yes, a woman. In "Legend of Korra" there is a dude (a man) named Mako....

<(O o)>

Same exact name, same exact spelling. Except one is a woman and the other is a man. That's too funny.

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02.04.2013 , 05:26 PM | #56
Quote: Originally Posted by Phoenixbowman View Post
This comparison is between the Tython type Jedi and the Sith (opening cinematic.) THOSE Sith have both physical prowress and morals. The Tyton type Jedi have phyiscal prowress but no positive morals/emotions to counteract those that the Sith have.
I think they do.

I'm working on my 8th level 50 character. The Legacy window for Imperial classes is full for me, and I'm working on my Guardian now (though I got one up to level 40 before I deleted her at the server merges). The Sith, for the most part, seem to revel in evil. Most of them remind me of Snidely Whiplash. In fact, the Empire's entire military strategy on Quesh and Hoth just remind me of those old cartoons where the bad guys' entire point of existence is just to mess with the good guys for the mere purpose of messing with them. Seriously, most of the Sith in this game need to have long moustaches they can twirl while laughing evilly.

There are a few Sith characters that seem to go against this: Baras, Zash, Thanaton and Malgus are the most notable. But that's just like the Jedi: most of them are boring, staid characters with a few notable exceptions: Satele Shan, Orgus Din and so on.

As for morals? Well, the Sith Empire endorses slavery on a widespread scale, and, in fact, most of the slaves in the Empire are owned by the government. The Republic opposes slavery and has since its inception, since those who created the Republic still remembered their slavery at the hands of the Rakata. It's only one example, but the Empire can hardly take the high ground when it comes to morality.

What the Sith have is a persecution complex. They believe that the Jedi are responsible for all the bad things that have happened to them since the original darksiders that first met the Sith species were exiled form the Republic. They're partly right, considering what happened after the Great Hyperspace War. But, for the most part, it's this religious zealotry on the part of the Sith that tends to drive the Empire. That's they're real strength: they believe they've been wronged, and they believe they must eradicate those who wronged them.

I'll take the Order's morals any day over the Sith's. Individuals are different, however, and there are people across the spectrum on both sides.
Ruminara Ven
Passion, yet serenity.

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02.04.2013 , 05:44 PM | #57
From what I can tell, looking solely at the Tython Order's teachings on emotion and passion, they seem to frown upon love. The way they teach things seems to exclude emotion and passion including the Positive ones. The Sith is chock full of the negatives. They show those strongly and advocate them. Instead of the Jedi openly advocating the good, The Tython Jedi Order seems to be not using the opposites to counteract the Sith.

If the Tython Jedi really do have morals which are opposite of the Sith (as in the Tython Jedi Order) they need to not put down love. Because love can counteract and hate.

You mentioned slavery. What drives the Jedi's crusade against slavery if not compassion, love, and care for those enslaved? On one hand the Tython Jedi say one thing in their code and advocate one thing in their code and YET they act against what they're saying in their code. They act with love, compassion, mercy, and kindness. While at the same time teaching against it....


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02.04.2013 , 05:54 PM | #58
The Tython Jedi Order's morals are all messed up. There are positive morals and emotions can be controlled. LOVE can be controlled and it is up to the lover's in that quest to learn how to control their love so it doesn't get out of hand. The Jedi Masters who gave the quest were saying that Romantic Love WILL lead to bad times. Ignoring the fact that poeple in love can learn how to manage it.

I cannot accept a moral code which, while it puts down the negative morals also denies the POSITIVES which can counteract the NEGATIVE morals.

All of the negatives in the Sith Code have Moral Opposites. One of these is love. Yet the Tython Jedi, in their quest to take down the Sith, are denying the very things which can help defeat them.

OR they do have positive morals and they do allow themselves to experience positive emotions. If that's the case then the Tython Jedi should really change their code so it doesn't seem like they're excluding Positive morals along with the Negative morals.

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02.04.2013 , 05:59 PM | #59
About what you said about Sith and slavery, Jacen:

A player could have a passion and drive to help those enslaved and set them free. They are sad or angered because they see the plight of those enslaved. The player FEELS and the player has a PASSION to free those enslaved. Yet the Tython Jedi Order would say ALL PASSION is bad and ALL EMOTION is bad. NOT the Extended Universe Jedi Order or the Orginal SWTrilogy Jedi Order. This is focused on The Tython Jedi.

Even those passions and emotions which drive someone to set the slaves free, the Tython Jedi were teaching me that those were bad and would lead to the Dark Side. The desire to help out of love or out of duty, but a passion nonetheless, is good in this case. Yet the Tython Jedi, who say all love and all passion is bad would see a Passion to free the enslaved as a bad thing.

The emotions which drive people to counteract the bad of the Sith (like slavery.) The passions and the moral choices to counteract the Sith's expansion. The passion and drive and will to fight the Sith are called "bad" by the Jedi. Even though they can give someone have a motivation to resist the evil that is the Sith Empire. IF a person chooses to ACT upon the feelings and passion they're experiencing. Should they choose to act upon them then yes, they can have a drive to stop the Sith.

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02.04.2013 , 06:17 PM | #60
Frak it. I cannot reconcile my own moral compass with the moral compass of the Tython Jedi Order. What they see as bad and leading to the Dark Side I personally see as ways to counter act the Sith and push back the Dark Side.

I tried and tried again to reconcile the two. But it doesn't seem to fit. Knowing that are positive emotions and passions which can counteract those negative ones. And how this Tython Jedi Order seems to put down ALL of them despite there being good ones which can act as a way to counteract and push back against the bad ones.

It gets down to self-control. The Jedi on Tython can teach what they want. I know that self-control and learning how to deal with emotions and passions can mean acting in a safe manner without the risk of falling to the Dark Side. There's no need to outright ban something like love. Can it lead to the Dark Side? Yes. Will it always? No. Not if the people in the couple learn how to deal with setbacks and trying times.