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WZ Cross Server + Choose WZ = More Fun

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WZ Cross Server + Choose WZ = More Fun

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02.03.2013 , 01:36 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by paul_preib View Post
Most people however do not go to that extreme, most will prefer not to run something but not spitefully leave a warzone the instant the one they dislike pops.
You are right, if I need the daily I will stick around. When I am playing for fun, I leave every Huttball game and Voidstar game I can. It is ok though, alot of times I will get out and be placed right back into a different huttball and voidstar match.

I have been playing since beta weekends and always hated huttball and loved Alderaan civil war. They would need to have a incentive like 25 Ranked comms for every random queue, otherwise I will be happy to never see Huttball again.
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02.03.2013 , 05:44 PM | #22
No to cross-server.
Yes to choosing not to be drafted in certain modes/warzones.

It will never happen, because BW has no interest in a level playing field.
Quote: Originally Posted by John Riccitiello View Post
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02.03.2013 , 06:09 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Twighead View Post
As much as I would love to choose my own warzone, it would make some of them unplayable due to teams specializing in a particular warzone by stacking professions that excel in certain warzones.

Cross server would be good for rateds, but would do nothing for normal wz's. Average queue time for a normal wz on my server is just about 1-3 minutes.
i said wz cross server. that is 20 server not only your server
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02.03.2013 , 08:04 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by lucotas View Post
i have an idea for have more fun in the game (PVP) WZ CROSS SERVER + Choose WZ

Bioware said that they cant add choose WZ because there won't be enough people for play all the wz.

example: 100 people wanna play hutball and only 7 want to play voidstar (this is an example) well they said they cant add choose wz but they said this before the wargames (imp vs imp, rep vs rep)now if they add WZ CROSS SERVER we would be able to choose the wz which you love (Hutball and Hypergates to me) and play them and there will be enough people for all the wz in this game.

i think we might cross a USA server with a French server. maybe you are wondering, but we don't talk the same lenguage. well that's truth but to be honest you don't type too much in a wz, you do what you have to do and know
maybe you say: grass or snow stuff like that but the people can easily learn that. even if we don't put USA and FRENCH cross servers (this is an example, i am talking about all the servers) we could get this feature in this game.

english cross server
french cross server
german cross server

well thank you guys and tell me what you think.

ps: i wanna play hutball all day all night lololol
Anytime you allow the user base to choose the warzone to play you end up playing only one warzone all the time... People will choose the fastest warzone and all the other will never be in rotation.... It's like Counter Strike, people would only play Dust Map they wouldn't even try new maps... A lot of people hate Hutball initially but if foreced to play it they become better and start to like it.. True some people will never love it but at least it's in the rotation for people who do enjoy it.

I do think they will need to do cross server, if just to mix it up so pug teams are not foreced to play the same premades over and over again...
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