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Rubberbanding. Time to fix it. [Video]

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Rubberbanding. Time to fix it. [Video]

Majspuffen's Avatar

01.16.2013 , 08:34 AM | #31
Giving this a bump.

I just helped a friend with some heroic quests on Alderaan (imp side) and I noticed that the NPCs there had Orbital Strike. What irked me was that the sound animation for their Orbital Strike was proper.. as in, the sound animation before 1.4 or 1.3 or whenever it was they messed it up. Force in Balance for shadows/sages has a borked sound animation too.

Lots of things that need fixin'...

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01.16.2013 , 04:52 PM | #32
It is preventing people to use some abilities and those same abilities do not execute in the way they should: Force Speed, Overload and more.

Random porting caused by lag is preventing people to, lets say, pull or leap, since the target is unpredictably moving. That same target can be ported back few meters if warrior leaps, even if the target, oh his/her screen, was 3-4 meters away from the spot it ported him/her back.

It is affecting all, not just one player. In the WZs you do not play against 8 people only. You are playing against the lag, too.

To see 16 people just standing there and not moving, is not rare. No, it is not only one person that has it. It is every teammate since they will all ask did the same happen to the rest of the team.

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01.16.2013 , 06:14 PM | #33
I have only just started PvPing as well, having gotten 4 characters to 50 and now with an additional going pre-50 PvP,. Aside from the massive imbalance of level 49 player and elevel 11 player competing against each other. That said. There are a few frustrating things. on a whole I find it fun to play and complete against others, as I am at a distinct disadvantage with most being from Australia and on a US server where good ping for me is 160ms.

But I have noticed that, the, what seems like warping, I am unsure if it is me lagging, the server or a combination, or even them.
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HoboWithAStick's Avatar

01.17.2013 , 08:04 AM | #34
Can we get a bioware response please?

Also since the patch there have been massive lag spikes in pvp, the worst lag spikes I've ever seen. Some of these happened while I was in teamspeak, people were affected in completly different warzones.

Majspuffen's Avatar

01.17.2013 , 08:56 PM | #35
This will probably be my last bump for a while, since my subscription should have run out today. Hopefully I won't have to bump it again and that they have worked to improve the performance in 1.7.

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01.20.2013 , 07:04 AM | #36
Turns out I can post even though I'm on preferred status. So I'm giving this another bump for visibility, since it is an issue that really needs to be adressed.

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01.20.2013 , 07:49 AM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by HoboWithAStick View Post
Things like this need to be fixed. Also after the last patch I have noticed my ping go up from the normal 71-73 to a 90-94 consistantly. I get the feeling bioware might have added in software to monitor peoples in game actions on the fly and I might be someone they are watching since I've been reported for twinking (aka I have full purples on all my low level toons)
this might be true because as some people know, there are people who you call game breakers i call them hackers like to use cheat hacks that give them unfair advantages which i can list the ones i ve seen and report the people who i ve seen doing it so you can look for the tell tell sign

so the only way they are going to catch these people would be from being reported by Users or Monitoring Software and if my latency goes up by 30 then i m happy to deal with because i m sick of the hackers cheating there way though the games and i can't finish my pvp weekly/daily.

IF you arre getting anything from 30-400 ms then your latency is fine if its a little higher then your playing on server in another country and you got to except high latency because latency form by distance from the server and you

IF your getting latency over the 1000 ms then ya you got connection quaility issues which most of them can be improve with troubleshoot your connection. Test your line at


1. SPEED HACK: you usually see this in huttballl where the hacker has the ball and can zip though the field for as long as they wish

2. GOING THOUGH WALLS: you will see this in hutball and NOa Coast, in huttball the ball handler will run to the other teams goal line down in the pit and will look like they are running at the wall then secs later will go though and score a goal. in Noa Coast the hacker likes to go to a placement and hide in the wall of the placement and try to cap it, DON"T WORRY you can push them back to break it ALSO i ve seen people leep though platforms to get to the end zone

3. TAKE NO DMG: i ve seen this in civil war while a go where the perple will take very little dmg no matter how hard you hit them and theres a hack where you do more dmg

4. TAKE THE BALL, I ve seen and had it done to me where i m running with the ball then all of a sudden the ball is on emery player and it said i pass it when i didn't even click to pass it

5. (NEW) UNLIMITED PLAY TIME: I just notice this one few days ago where two grps were having a match between each other on Noa coast and the score was on 0 on one side and i just joined and the game was still going on and i could still attack, cap and everything. and oine side in ops chat "THIS IS A PRIVATE PARTY" so i left the wz cause i didn't want to be in a hacked game
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01.20.2013 , 08:11 AM | #38
Quote: Originally Posted by HoboWithAStick View Post
I get the feeling bioware might have added in software to monitor peoples in game actions on the fly and I might be someone they are watching since I've been reported for twinking (aka I have full purples on all my low level toons)
That is both funny and sad. "I've been reported for twinking." What kind of moron reports someone for getting an alt good gear?
Also, I would gladly put up with an extra 20ms lag (it takes approximately 100 ms just to click a mouse button) if they were to implement something like Warden to catch and ban all the pvp cheaters.
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02.03.2013 , 01:14 PM | #39
Showing my support to hopefully get this acknowledged/fixed.