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the village, [IC]

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02.03.2013 , 05:51 AM | #41
Captian markus came to sabrina with a damage report, My`lord the damage is not too bad, we can repair it. Thoguh their are some problems, first off we are underwater. Though we may have found an underwater cave, which should sheild us from the republic scans. Second we only know the hull integraty is okay, becuase we are not dead. Though we don`t know the extent that damage till we get the ship into the cave, and then we don`t know if we need part`s or matrials Sabrina frowned, their where to many thing`s where they no answer to. Though they had get to this cave no matter what, as eventualy the recycled air would run out. Well take us to this cave, and then we start planing our option`s. Though the republic would proably think our ship is at the bottom of ocean, to help maintain this trail of thought for them I suggest we realise some damaged compent`s and fuel into the sea. Shame she hated the idea of damaging an eco system though it was nessary for her survail. The crew got on with plan, and made way to the unerwater cave. The journey would take a little while, so she meditated on things she may have to do soon for survial.

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02.03.2013 , 09:22 AM | #42
Thaeus arrived at the coordinates, it was where they got their water from usually, the water was normally clean and fresh, but now it looked dirty and un drinkable, the ship either landed in or on the lake, "Father, the ship was here, no sign of it now though."
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