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Min/Maxing in 1.6

Yettofall's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 05:46 AM | #1
Hi everyone,

I left back when 1.3 was pushed (i think it was 1.3, i left when the patch that nerfed the sage hybrid was pushed).

Anyway, i'm back and I choose to play as full balance. Having fun, but not loving it.

I'm already in full War Hero gear, didn't take long to upgrade from the battlemaster.

I'm about to start upgrading to the elite, but now I wanna do it wisely and not a piece for a piece.

So my question is,

What stats numbers are you guys running with?

Senteo 60 Sage - Senxeo 60 Guardian - Dahr-t 60 Vanguard - Sendeo 60 Sentinel
Senkeo 55 Shadow - OrangePixel 55 Gunslinger - ∆ŖŲ 60 Operative - Klarc 60 Mercenary - Yetto 35 Assassin - GŁnther 60 Sorceror