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Can't settle on anything

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Can't settle on anything

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02.02.2013 , 01:52 PM | #1
Hey all,

First, let me say I enjoy SWTOR so much! I am having trouble deciding on focusing on 1 character (altitis), but I want to settle and focus on 1 character only to enjoy the story and republic missions I haven't done. Currently, I have a 43 jugg who although I love the story, the dps is too weak even in rage spec. I have a 24 BH which I like but haven't played in over a year and can't seem to get back into him. I decided to get a fresh perspective on the game and start a republic character. Got a jedi shadow to 18- the combat is amazing as shadow, but the story seems like such a snooze, and i find myself forcing actions during dialogue. Made a 11 gunslinger- this time the story is fun and exciting, but the combat is a touch boring. I tried the scoundrel last year and didn't enjoy the stealth mechanic with it. I ruled the knight out since I have a 43 jugg. Just got my trooper to 10 and have enjoyed the combat as full as a fun story. I plan on going medic spec. Can anyone speak to if the trooper continues to be enjoyable? Or should I just focus on the shadow and just choke the story down?

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02.02.2013 , 02:56 PM | #2
after a few levels the consular story gets quite nice,and the shadow is just so amazing he can't hear you over the sound of how amazing he is.
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