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The Qorit Network [Intelligence/Underworld RP]

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The Qorit Network [Intelligence/Underworld RP]

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02.02.2013 , 12:02 PM | #1
The Qorit Network
SIS Assessment - Unknown threat (Intercepted by the Network - Agent silenced)
It started as a rumour. Some sort of new organization, holding the strings of various operations in the underworld. The main focus? Information. Sold at exorbitant rates to various large players in the galaxy, Imperial Intelligence, the Hutts, the Exchange, Sith Lords, Corporations within and outside of the Republic.
They all buy carefully selected pieces of information, though the group in question seems to be holding information back, so to keep themselves in business, try to have all the cards at hand, so to speak. It is all very diffuse. We’ve yet to ascertain who is behind this, their goals, or what they are aiming for.

It is clear, however, that this is not some sort of neutral organization. The Republic itself has received next to no offers, and our secrets seem to be leaking into Imperial Intelligence and various criminal syndicates at alarming rates, though it is possible Imperial Intelligence has other sources, and this is a third party that does not like either. Worth investigating.
A few strings we did manage to follow up, indicated a variety of associates, from lowly dancers getting their info from weak-willed and drunk cantina-patrons, to slicers, trained operatives and mercenaries. In addition, there are rumours of informants existing within exterior organizations, dripping a steady feed of information into it. Though it is difficult to verify any of this.

Beyond that, all is unknown, we will seek out ways to properly identify this new threat.

Signing off

Intelligence operations take many forms.

Not all intelligence in the Empire passes through the all-enveloping hands of Imperial Intelligence, Sith Lords have private Networks, often as much against enemies as against rivals and internal enemies.
The Qorit Network, however, is an intelligence subdivision of Imperial Diplomacy. Situated aboard the Terminus-class Destroyer, The Hallion Blade, along with various offices and safe-houses on relevant worlds, the Network performs wide-ranging operations, aimed in maintaining ties with allies, gaining new ones, and expanding the Empire’s influence in a variety of ways.

Preferable to secrecy, the Network’s existence is not a widely published fact, and its presence in official matters, as far as most of the neutral systems, the republic, and the Empire at large, falls under the guise of the Imperial Diplomatic service, a truth, in and of itself.

On the side of the main imperial operation, the Network actively operates within the Underworld, seeking to have the empire control it, with the various tools at their disposal, the Network aims towards creating an Information-brokering service, using it as a tool to control the flow of information, in the Underworld and elsewhere.
The information brokering itself being a gateway into the realms of the galactic underworld, trading and actively dealing with

Undermining the Republic on its home turf, undercover work, intelligence gathering and selling, the Network specializes in these things, alongside combat support and coordination.

Agents: Led by Director-Agent Jester, the Agents of the Network are its driving force, ensuring the operations of the Hallion Blade, as well as being the main weapon of choice, striking with precision and performing a wide variety of tasks, both combatant and non-combatant.
Positions within the agents include specialists within administrative/coordination, infiltrators, slicers, snipers, information gatherers, assassins, as well as saboteurs.

Sith: Lord Zerrak, his apprentices and powerbase, alongside allied Lords within areas such as science, archeology, or illusion, and sith specialized in covert operations.
The Sith serve in a position as part of the muscle of the Network, assaulting positions and defending agents, as well as auxiliary functions depending on skillsets.

Mercenaries: The Swoop Rats, hired freelancers under the command of Kreuz aka “Big Rat”. Ruthless mercenaries, working on need to know basis and remaining outside of Network's politics and power games. Rats are not bound to follow every order given and work by their own rules to complete a given contract.

Ship Crew: Medical personnel, naval officers, troops and pilots of the Hallion Blade, roles often filled by the other groupings to some extent, but able to be given more focus with interest. The same crew can assist in ground operations as support, technical, medical, military, or otherwise.

OOC Info:

This is an idea of mine, creating something a bit different, and taking inspiration from the Shadow Broker, Darth Baras, and the criminal underworld. The guild is focused upon RP, and hopefully inter-guild RP, being well-placed to facilitate it.

My goal on an OOC basis is to create a guild with minimal OOC drama, and instead focus upon enjoying ourselves, as well as myself being a reliable presence online, actively leading and directing the guild.

In addition, I’d be more than happy to welcome anyone who would be interested in being informants on the inside of the various organizations/guilds around, with the guild leader’s OOC blessing, of course, this in part to facilitate RP, and to add some increased depth into the political games and intrigue that comes with being a sith.

This means selling and gaining information in a variety of means, and using it to play a deadly game, adding layers of depth to Intel-gaining, intrigue, and providing a place for underworld RP, both in the game of gaining/dealing info, but also in enforcing deals, doing favours, and using the info to change things to their own ends.

Anyone interested in joining in some capacity, or spying neutrally or within another guild (With GM’s permission, of course) feel free to contact Zerrak, Maddox, Kreuz, or Altariel in-game or on the forums. Alternatively using our site's application form
Zerrak Utharr
The Qorit Network