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Assassin Looking for pvp oriented guild

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Assassin Looking for pvp oriented guild

Porpuspumper's Avatar

02.02.2013 , 11:53 AM | #1

I just recently re-joined the swtor game after taking some time off for school and work. Been back for about a week now and I am looking to focus on the pvp aspect of the game.

I am looking for a mature guild (preferably 18+ years old) focused on pvp pre-made groups / ranked groups. I live in the central time zone of the United States and my playable hours are from 5 pm - midnight weekdays (includes sundays), and just about anytime on the weekends.

In game name is Porpuspumper if you have any Q&A's, please feel free to whisper me for an on the spot interview or reply to this post as I will be monitoring closely for any potential recruitment offers. I am willing to submit an online application if requested.

Thank you for your consideration.