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Possible Bug ? Commendations getting deleted when going from Subscription to F2P ?

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Possible Bug ? Commendations getting deleted when going from Subscription to F2P ?

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

02.02.2013 , 08:10 AM | #1
Hello, everyone,

In the German-language forums someone posted that when he went from being a Subscriber to F2P, his (or her) Commendations that exceeded the amount of 20 Commendations (F2P Characters are limited to 20 Commendations per Planet) simply got deleted.

Being a Subscriber again myself (Subscriber -> F2P -> Subscriber again), I noticed that my amount of Taris Commendations is now 20, too. And that, although I vaguely remember having over 100 or so (I played Taris for 2-3 weeks ! No joke !).

My Coruscant Commendations, though, still were "20 of 40" and they are still there.

This leads me into believing that there might be an unnoticed Bug : That the number of Commendations might be artificially limited for F2P players that were Subscribers before, by simply *deleting* the amount of Commendations that exceeds the number of 20 Commendations which any F2P-Player is allowed to have.

I would like to see some investigation in this.

Thank you for Reading.

Complex minds
will create
Complex problems.

Jerba's Avatar

02.02.2013 , 08:36 AM | #2
I can confirm this bug, it happened to me as well.

I found the following information which may be helpful in tracking down the bug:
1. As a subscriber, you have earned more than 20 planetary commendations.
2. When your account is switched to free-to-play, the currency tab in the inventory will display that you have 20 commendations. However, it seems like in the character database there is still the old amount of commendations stored, even though it displays that you have only 20 commendations.
3. Whenever you earn a new commendation while you have a free-to-play account, the commendations will be updated to 20 in the database. If you do not earn new commendations while you are F2P, the number of commendations in the database will not change.
4. When you become a subscriber again, your commendations are shown as 20 when you have earned new commendations, or it will have remained the old value if you have earned no new commendations.

In other words:
The bug occurs whenever you earn a new commendation as a F2P but already have 20 commendations. The game displays an error message like "Free-to-play players can only earn a total of 20 commendations" and will set the amount of commendations to 20 in the database.
The best fix would be to not update the count in the database if you have have >= 20 commendations and are F2P, but to just display the error message.

Example: Because of the bug, I now only have 20 Coruscant commendations, (because I ran Esseles story mode) but I still have my 62 Alderaan commendations.
So even if you cannot refund those lost commendations retroactively, please fix this bug so that it no longer occurs.