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Thanks for making the PvP channels a success

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Thanks for making the PvP channels a success

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02.01.2013 , 09:43 AM | #1
About a month or so ago I had the Idea to create an Imppvp channel for Imperials to use to form 4 man groups, form greater unity in the PvP community, and to help with forming rateds.

I created the ImpPvP channel to do this. I had seen this type of channel work previously in regards to "ganks" when I had previously rolled on a PvP server and thought it might be good idea.

At first when i formed the channel it was pretty difficult to get people to sign up to the idea, with many being cautious to the fact that I am in Unicorn Stampede and that somehow this was a big troll of some kind or that it was being created with bad intentions. Which to be honest, is maybe a little but understandable, but still this was a major obstacle to overcome.

Initially the channel comprised mainly of Unicorns, Try hards, Virtus et Honor, and Uncencored. Although it was no where near as populated as it is today.

I approached many people (probably in the 100s) from many guilds who I knew were PvP orientated and try to extend an invitation to them to join the Imppvp and build it up to be the community it is today. This was a difficult process but eventually through the word of mouth people started to flock to the channel.

I then found out that combatmedic had created a reppvp channel and initially i was like "you dont you be stealing my idea :P " but I soon realized that this extension of the idea did nothing but strengthen the pvp community on not only the rep side , but also the imp side. I would like to thank CM/devil/ilye and the others who tirelessly worked to create the reppvp channel and bring forward ideas for the channels that I had not previously envisioned. Thanks guys.

We now have both of these channels running separately but I would like to extend a hand of partnership towards the reppvp channel as the founder of the Imppvp channel to keep the good spirit of competition in these channels and to for the foreseeable future use and promote these channel for future use by all PvPrs on the server.

Thanks again guys, I'm humbled by the success you have ALL made from a small idea I started a few months back.