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Client Freezing: Chapter 3 "Isen 4" Class Quest

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Client Freezing: Chapter 3 "Isen 4" Class Quest
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02.01.2013 , 07:31 AM | #1
Today , 08:20 AM | #164

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The logon issue has been rectified but now there is this.

I am "Still" having issues in this area.
Freezing is still happening during the Chapter 3 "Isen 4" Class quest for IA - Sniper.
Accessing the computer to pull up " Hunter's " profile brings up the holo which does 2 x 360's then the entire client freezes. This is impacting the " Class " portion of the questing and story , which, if it cannot be completed, invalidates the entire chapter 3 story arc for the character making it virtually impossible to reach the " end game " content for this character.

Any help / fix would be greatly appreciated.

Server: Jedi Covenant
Characters: All
Provider: Comcast, Indiana

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02.01.2013 , 07:40 AM | #2
This looks like a newly introduced bug ? , i have seen 4 or 5 other people with the same issue as you in the last few days. Havn't seen any say they have a solution yet or a cause.

Only thing I can recommend is run the repair on the launcher after login (lower left cog).

Some have used the spacebar to get past a cinematic causing issues in the past, cause no idea.

Edit - it will be interesting to see if lowering gfx helps ?

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02.01.2013 , 07:43 AM | #3 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hi Veldwyn,

Thanks for the report.

Can you please minimise your graphics settings as low as possible, and disable Bloom, and try to complete the mission again?


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02.01.2013 , 07:42 PM | #4
The space bar option worked. TY XDXDXD