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Another random thought.... regarding the stun bubble.

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Another random thought.... regarding the stun bubble.

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01.31.2013 , 07:37 PM | #41
People saying the old resolve system was better than this?

The old resolve was god awful just like now.

Have any of you really played other mmo's, cause if you have then you would realize this game by far has the worst definition to crowd control in the history of mmos.

I would love to see each point cc does to the resolve bar from beta to present, I bet my brand new puppy we would all puke over the fact that cc and resolve is a joke and has been since this game was launched.

I can't stress how many times people in beta tested and warned Bioware to look at all the problems, and after countless hours testing resolve everyone that knew resolve was a joke gave up and either left this game over it or still plays cause they have hope some day resolve would actually work in a way where players can move around.

Bubble stun don't affect resolve just like other cc moves don't effect it, its madness how many times in a pvp match you can be stunned by bubble stun, come out, stunned, get out again and move maybe 5 steps and stunned again.

If that is the meaning of pvp then we have been blinded by nice graphics and great story which makes us turn our head on the real problems of the game.

Its like walking in glue without hope of doing anything you was suppose to due, and this isn't skilled players doing this, its the resolve and the amount of cc this game has.

Here is a old thread I quit talking in due to the fact I didn't wanna waste time proving my point, even if I did fraps what I wanted to do it would of got deleted or trolled to death.

My old thread with my opinion vs resolve
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