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Audacious - Recruitment Thread....Duh what else would this be.

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Audacious - Recruitment Thread....Duh what else would this be.

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01.31.2013 , 07:15 PM | #1
Audacious brought to you by the Empire

Audacious is Recruiting members for PVE, Casual PVP and Casual members.

Audacious Background

Audacious has it's roots on the Iron Citadel server where we started at Launch as Ensidia. We were a hardcore progression guild at the time. After we transferred to the Prophecy of the Five server we renamed our guild to Audacious. With the name change we changed our attitude in regards to raiding. We are still a progression guild but we have taken an interest into actively teaching our lower geared members raid mechanics. We try not to leave anyone that is active behind.


We currently have two 8 Man PVE groups at the moment. Group One is currently progressing through NM EC. Group Two is working on HM EC and then to HM TFB.

We are currently looking for Ranged DPS and Heals. We do have an abundance of tanks but if a tank wishes to join we are open to consideration.

We are looking for active players. Gear is nice but not required.

Gear will determine what Operations you are eligible to run with. So don't expect to get into a HM TFB or NM EC with Tionese gear.

Casual PVP

We have about 10 peeps that actively pvp daily. I do know there is some interest in RWZ but I think its a matter of gearing up enough peeps. If you want to do serious RWZ PVP we probably aren't for you but if you want to learn we can help out.


Hey if you want to hang out and feel like talking to adults that remember the 80's come hang out with us. If you are new and need advice, we can help with that.

If you are interested in our guild contact me, Raiju, in game. Other members you can contact are Azurien who is our recruitment rep.

Our guild site is
Don't Holocall and Speeder. It's the Law! - Audacious - Prophecy of the Five
Raiju, Feracity & Brynhìldr 55 Sorcs, Chervil 55 Sniper, Bvlgaris 55 Op
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