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Team Bioware - The Definitive Issues That You're Not Addressing or Responding To

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Team Bioware - The Definitive Issues That You're Not Addressing or Responding To

PolyJynwon's Avatar

08.22.2012 , 06:18 AM | #111

I'll get on board with those.. much else I can wait on while they do their normal updates.

BlueDestiny's Avatar

09.22.2012 , 04:46 PM | #112
Quality of Life tweaks ...

None of the definitive issues of this thread have been addressed to date. Zero.

odericko's Avatar

09.22.2012 , 08:54 PM | #113

It brought a tear to my eye to see most of the issues with SWTOR brought together in a single post so efficiently. I really hope Bioware is paying attention to this thread.

My biggest fear is the game is always going to stay the same as far as foundation goes, and only get added onto with story. It'll be only for people to sub up a few months for new players until they complete the stories, and resub once some new story content comes out only to take another extended break.
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09.22.2012 , 10:33 PM | #114
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueDestiny View Post
Quality of Life tweaks ...

None of the definitive issues of this thread have been addressed to date. Zero.
not true! surnames are no longer unique!

odericko's Avatar

09.23.2012 , 01:19 AM | #115
Quote: Originally Posted by Rayje View Post
not true! surnames are no longer unique!

Biggest feature for RP'ers in awhile. And I doubt it was a planned feature so to speak, they only did it to make mergers less difficult.
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RazorTrooper's Avatar

09.23.2012 , 03:12 AM | #116
Here are some of my suggestions too, I agree we should be able to name our ships and yes i think we shouldnt all get our mega ultra pro ship at lvl 10 and feel like you didnt earn it because you didnt do anything! Everything else is basicly a yes from me!
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bahbahbooey's Avatar

09.25.2012 , 11:16 PM | #117
Great read. Agreed with most of it. Bump.

Btw, Bioware was involved with a game called Dark Age if Camelot in about 2003 that had a clothing dye system. There were standard colors available from an NPC merchant and specialty colors that craters could make. No idea why they couldn't just implement this system in TOR.

BlueDestiny's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 08:36 AM | #118
I've been leveling alts while waiting for Bioware to address these issues. Our household remains down from 4 accounts to 1. The 1 account is going on haitus, as there's been little to no progress on these fundamental issues, and for another reason that is very disappointing that I've mentioned time and again on these forums - that being:

Back when this game started, the devs drew a line in the sand, a line that I knew wouldn't be sustained (being illogical to player's MMO fundamentals). This line was forcing player's avatars (in total, alts) to be bifurcated by faction from being in the same guild, interacting by mail, bank, or trade. This made zero sense from the concept stage, I hated it, and knew it would not last. However, the guild I was with at the time, and then the next guild, too, insisted that because of that design, we'd have an alt guild on another server "because why take up one of the 8 slots on the same server for other factional alts when there's no interaction, when it can be used for alts of diff advanced classes or storage alts." They insisted, I left one guild over the lack of dialogue on the topic, and another followed.

Then, of course, as I expected, Bioware backtracked almost 180 degrees from this factional sacred cow and introduced Legacy perks, and most recently a forthcoming HK story line, that all promotes and benefits players having their avatars of both factions on the same server. Great, right?

Except that my Rep alts and my Emp alts are still trapped on separate servers, and so I still can't enjoy Legacy perks, still can't enjoy interacting and trading between alts, and won't be able to leverage them for the HK story. I've said this time and again, the ability to transfer servers is standard in MMO's, and I still can't remedy this rediculous server situation that was brought on by early dev sacred cows and fundamentally is in my face day in and day out.

So, with the server services failing to deliver remedy, the fundamental issues in this thread still not being addressed, and other things to do... I'm again downgrading my participation with TOR for my 1 remaining account to be rarely active.

What a waste.

AgentJacen's Avatar

01.31.2013 , 12:21 AM | #119
I skimmed through it and thought most of your ideas were good. I'd like to talk about the voice chat idea. I'm okay with it, as long as it's optional. I would prefer not to reveal my voice, especially since I probably won't have met most people, and I'm sure others agree with me. Other than that, your ideas are mostly good. I didn't actually notice any other ones I disagreed with, but as I said, I skimmed through it.
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BlueDestiny's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 01:52 PM | #120
Hi Agent,

I cancelled 3 accounts, including the one that OP'd this thread, so I recreated the thread under the remaining active account, please see sig below and that thread for my reply to your post about the chat issue.

Thanks for considering the material.

Mods, please feel free to lock this thread, in lieu of the other noted in my signature.
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