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Stats for level 50 PvP

DigitalVertigo's Avatar

01.30.2013 , 07:39 PM | #1
Hey everyone,

I just got my sorc to level 50 and am starting to gear him. I prefer full madness for it's mobility and am looking at 50 gear now. I'm a synthweaver so I already have a set of oranges with augment slots on them ready to go as I pick up new pieces. I'm thinking I'm going to mix and match the dps gear with the heal gear (shorter cooldown on crushing darkness and shorter lockout on bubble). I think that would be nice stat wise as well, a decent amount of crit with more surge and power for bigger death field/DoT crits.

What are the stat ceilings though, where do I start to get a declining benefit from willpower/endurance? Should I use all willpower/endurance augments or should I throw in something else (I also have a 400 armortech that can make power/surge I think)? Is it worth doing some absorb augments for my bubble or does it require so much more absorb that I won't notice it without going nuts?


verfallen's Avatar

01.30.2013 , 09:40 PM | #2
absorb does not affect your bubble, power does.

This is not a tanking mechanic, its linked to your bonus healing number.

Never never never slap tanking stats on a dps.