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Unsworn Alliance looking for new members (Empire)

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Unsworn Alliance looking for new members (Empire)

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01.30.2013 , 12:42 PM | #1
Unsworn Alliance is a new guild looking for active members to join its ranks. Our members so far are excited to get some RP going, but we will also be actively participating in PvE and PvP. The plan is, once we attain a larger roster, to find a balance between all three so members can participate in whichever playstyle they find most enjoyable. Being about a day old, this is only a blueprint of our plans, so we need more people to start turning the wheels.

RP-wise, Unsworn Alliance have similar ideals of Revanite neutrality, but have no affiliation to them. We swear allegiance to nobody but ourselves to accomplish our own ends. However, the fact that we are neutral does not mean we will not choose a side in matters that directly affect our cause.

If you would like anymore information or are interested in joining leave a reply here, message my SWTOR account, or contact me in game. (My name is Cai'keno) We will be holding a meeting to formally "establish" the guild in an RP manner once ample members are recruited. Thanks for taking a look at Unsworn Alliance!