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Where do I train my Advanced Class?

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Where do I train my Advanced Class?

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01.30.2013 , 10:02 AM | #1
Hello all,

I see a number of new players on the fleet asking where they can train their Advanced Class.

The answer is pretty simple: there is a quest on your Faction's Fleet that allows you to select your Advanced Class.

The problem is that it seems many players miss the location of the quest giver because when they reach level 10 they receive the "Fleet Pass" ability. When you use this ability you are immediately transported to your Faction's Fleet. However, the location where you end up on the Fleet is not near to the quest giver. (If you travel to your Faction's Fleet using the Shuttle Transport from your starting planet, this is normally not an issue as the quest giver is easy to find in this situation.)

The solution to finding the quest giver is also pretty simple:
  • When on the main level of your Faction's Fleet, open your map by pressing "M".
  • You will notice that the Fleet is laid out in the form of concentric circles, with a "Cantina" in the middle and what looks like a large "cross" that connects the inner circles to the outer circles. (Your current position on the map will be represented by the "arrow" icon.)
  • Three of the arms of the "cross" will end in a "doorway". Mouse over the three "doorways" until you identify the one that has your starter planet's name. (For the Republic it will be "Ord Mantell/Tython". For the Empire it will be "Korriban/Hutta".)
  • Make your way over to the "doorway" but do not enter/use it.
    • If you used one of the "arms of the cross" to reach the "doorway", you will realize that the "arm" is a stairway. The quest giver will be at the bottom of the stairs.
    • If you were on one of the outer circles of the Fleet, when you are reaching the "arm of the cross" that contains the "doorway" you want, you will have to climb some stairs. The quest giver will be at the top of the stairs in this case.
  • Simply speak to the quest giver and he will get you started on your Advanced Class quest.

  • Your Advanced Class choice is "final". Once chosen you cannot change your Advanced Class. So be sure to make the right choice.
  • Once you have chosen your Advanced Class check your inventory. You will find an item there called "<Advanced Class> Supply Pack". Right-click on the item to open it and inside it you will find what you need for your Advanced Class. Depending on your Advanced Class choice, the "supply pack" will contain a new weapon and/or an off-hand item (or two if your Advanced Class is capable of being a "Tank").
  • Near the quest giver that gives you your Advanced Class quest there will also be a "mission terminal". This "mission terminal" will give you 2 quests: one that will take you to the "Crew Skills" area (TIP: speak to all the Crew Skills NPCs for some easy XP) and another one that will introduce you to the concept of "Social Points".

Hopefully you came to the forums looking for the answer to the question in the title and I have managed to help you a little.
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05.19.2013 , 05:52 AM | #2
Thank you. I scoured a dozen answers and found a lot of flippant, non-helpful answers to this question. I appreciate you posting this. The best answer yet.

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05.19.2013 , 10:02 AM | #3
One other cause which happens a lot is that people are leaving the starter world at level 9, possibly even level 8. It's pretty common for people to skip heroics on starter world. But even then if you do your storyline and all side missions, if you only kill mobs in your path or only kill mobs to fulfill mission objectives you will come finish the starter world at level 9.

My first couple of toons i overkilled so i would always arrive at fleet at 10 so i always crossed the path of the quest givers (i never took fleet passes). But then this one time i rushed a toon through a starter world. I still did all bonus objectives, but i only killed what was in my way. I was level 9 with about 60% left to go. And i only knew there was something wrong because the quest guys on fleet didnt want to talk to me (triangle was greyed out instead). I knew there was something wrong because i had played other toons. New players wont know because for most of them it will be their first toon.

I think in addition to what you talked about they should also include a pop up or something when you hit level 8 or 9. Something that says "you are about to hit level 10, you will need to visit an NPC such and such soon on the fleet or on Coruscant/Drommund Kaas) to choose your advanced class". The NPCs should be easier to find too on Coruscant/DK, and they should all be in a high traffic area, one that new player will always pass by. Or maybe you should just automatically get the mission added to your quest log once you hit level 10 instead of having to find the guy or run into them.
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05.19.2013 , 12:30 PM | #4
To be honest I do not why they bother with having a quest giver for this essential thing, why don't they just make it automatic reach level 10 and a codex message comes up on your screen to offer you to choose your advanced class and allocate your first skill points.?