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you CANT be serious , about to lose a sub for good!!

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you CANT be serious , about to lose a sub for good!!

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01.30.2013 , 09:10 AM | #1
ok maybe im just a half witt and ill totally admit it if i am, but if looked all over the web site and cannot find anyway to contact customer support via phone with out it costing me international charges since i live in canada. i find this to be retarted sine i can contact EA games in Canada at 1-866-543-5453 which is listed on their website and bio ware is a division of EA their contact us leads to the same phone number. So the people who made the game have a toll free number but the support team for the game they made dose not have a toll free number. i personally know a former Subscriber who wanted to get back into playing after a time away but since his authenticator has a error on it, the online email says to call customer support but he refuses to pay international charges to call a support team, and i totally understand his frustration since calling any customer support leads to waiting on hold for a lengthy amount of time. so please anyone out there have a toll free number to call or can anyone of the MODS tell me why this company refuses to properly support is game ? i also have billing questions and unless they can be answered this maybe my last month subbing or playing to be honest........holy ****....WoW-Mist of Pandaria has a toll free number on the bottom i should call and see what they have to tell me to switch over....and i can wait all day....its FREE!

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01.30.2013 , 09:14 AM | #2
Holy wall of text - try Paragraphs!
From what I can read without my eyes starting to hurt - I'll try to answer:

1. Go and play WOW if that's what you want. You don't need permission or the SWTOR community to comment here.
2. If you haven't got a local free phone number try using Skype - that'll give you a free or at worst cheap call option.

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01.30.2013 , 09:18 AM | #3
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01.30.2013 , 09:20 AM | #4
i dont really wanna play wow you missed the point, that is WHY i am playing SWTOR.

however when i cant ask a question with out it costing me money is poor service plain and simple. since if i email them a question about billing i am REQUIRED to call them.

and how is it the company who made the game has toll free contact but they did not get one for a support team fort he games they make ? again poor service

and Skype being a "cheaper option " , is not a option since i should not have to pay to call someone and ask them why they are taking additional money from my credit card.

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01.30.2013 , 09:22 AM | #5
I do hope you enjoy Wow

Voip is the cheapest option to phone, costs me 60 cents an hour in Australia.
If I splurge on a $2.50/month account they give me 200 minutes free then 8 cents for untimed call to UK and the US

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01.30.2013 , 09:50 AM | #6
wow ( the word not the game ) when some people see something the dont like IE WoW ( the game not the word ) all they do is start to hate and go with the " take it and like it or f**k off " attitude i guess the SWTOR subs dont understand sarcasm

lose a sub for good yes....ill just play the game for free

call wow and wait on the line to see what the can offer me with switch and i can wait since its free...........pointing out that other companies that distributed a game intended for use around the world has a easy direct free of charge way of contacting them for answers to your questions which is provided by most any service company that you buy a produce from.
the freaking $19.99 princess mp3 player i got my daughter at toys r us had a frigging toll free number to call for questions and a company that has headquarters in different countries dose not.

so since irony and sarcasm is lost on this crowd ill spell it out plain and simple

" Causing your customer base to incur additional charges to seek answers to questions they may have or a solution to a problem is POOR customer service "

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01.30.2013 , 09:57 AM | #7
I live in Australia if it took me 2 hours on the phone it will cost me a grand total of $ 1.20 to phone CS , is that sort of money worth the frustration and time you are currently experiencing ? It appears to be the case to me.

Edit - All available numbers are

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01.30.2013 , 09:57 AM | #8
use skype to call
312 725 5740
united states country code.

Took me forever to find it when I went looking.
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OwenBrooks's Avatar

01.30.2013 , 10:15 AM | #9
I believe that once swtor went free to play that it would be financial suicide to continue to offer free phone support.

How do you stop all the free players phoning ? swtor is a business and needs to make money not become a charity for all those that want everything free in life.

Unfortuanately the move to free 2 play was great for some and not so great for others.

Theomis's Avatar

01.30.2013 , 10:17 AM | #10
taking from here:

Contacting Customer Service By Telephone

You can contact our Customer Service team over the phone for the price of a local call by calling the numbers listed below:

USA: (312)725-5740
UK: (020) 3564 5481
Germany: (06999) 991 5590 (Phone support available from 13.00 CET - 01.00 CET)
France: 01 57 32 47 28 (Phone support available from 13.00 CET - 01.00 CET)

Please note: Calls made from landlines are local-rate, while those made from mobile devices may be subject to additional charges from your provider.
Please be aware that you can also use VoIP services (like Skype, Viber, Google Voice etc.) to call our Customer Service team, no matter what country you are calling from. International calls made using VoIP are generally substantially less expensive than calls made from a mobile phone or landline.

For telephone support in English, simply open the VoIP program of your choice, set your country to the UK and dial 0203 564 5481 to speak to a Customer Service Agent.

For French telephone support with VoIP services, set your location to France and dial (0157) 324 728, and for German phone support through VoIP set your location to Germany and dial (06999) 991 5590.
If you do not have VoIP access, please call the following number: +44 20 3564 5481.

Please replace the ‘+’ at the beginning of the number with the international call prefix for your country (for example, the prefix from European Union countries is ‘00’, so the number to call would be 0044 20 3564 5481). If you are unsure of the international call prefix for the country you are calling from, we recommend contacting your telecommunications service provider. Please note that you may be charged by your provider for making an international phone call, and charges may be based on the country from which you place the call.

Customer support is available in English, French, and German only.

If your country isn’t listed above, please use the table below to find which number to call to contact the Customer Service team. Please note that you may be charged by your provider for making an international phone call, and charges may be based on the country from which you place the call.

Country Number
Afghanistan 00442035645481*
Algeria 00442035645481*
Andorra 00442035645481*
Australia 0011 442035645481*
Austria 00442035645481*
Bahrain 00442035645481*
Belarus 8 (wait for tone) 10442035645481*
Belgium 00442035645481*
Bosnia and Herzegovina 00442035645481*
Bulgaria 00442035645481*
Canada 00442035645481*
Croatia 00442035645481*
Cyprus 00442035645481*
Czech Republic 00442035645481*
Denmark 00442035645481*
Egypt 00442035645481*
Estonia 00442035645481*
Finland 00442035645481*
France 01 57 32 47 28
Germany (06999) 991 5590
Gibraltar 00442035645481*
Greece 00442035645481*
Hong Kong 00X 442035645481**
Hungary 00442035645481*
Iceland 00442035645481*
Ireland 00442035645481*
Israel 01X442035645481**
Italy 00442035645481*
Kazakhstan 8 (wait for tone) 10442035645481*
Kuwait 00442035645481*
Latvia 00442035645481*
Lebanon 00442035645481*
Libya 00442035645481*
Lithuania 00442035645481*
Luxembourg 00442035645481*
Macedonia 00442035645481*
Malta 00442035645481*
Moldova 00442035645481*
Morocco 00442035645481*
Netherlands 00442035645481*
New Zealand 00442035645481*
Norway 00442035645481*
Oman 00442035645481*
Poland 00442035645481*
Portugal 00442035645481*
Qatar 00442035645481*
Romania 00442035645481*
Russia 8442035645481*
Saudi Arabia 00442035645481*
Serbia 00442035645481*
Singapore 00X 442035645481**
Slovakia 00442035645481*
Slovenia 00442035645481*
Spain 00442035645481*
Sweden 00442035645481*
Switzerland 00442035645481*
Tunisia 00442035645481*
Turkey 00442035645481*
Ukraine 0 (wait for tone) 0442035645481*
United Arab Emirates 00442035645481*
United Kingdom (020) 3564 5481
United States of America (312)725-5740
Yemen 00442035645481*

*Please note that you may be charged by your provider for making an international phone call, and charges may be based on the country from which you place the call.

** Please replace the X by your telephone carrier specific to your country.