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Is the pvp queue broken or has it always been like this?

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Is the pvp queue broken or has it always been like this?

Leadspitndragon's Avatar

01.29.2013 , 04:46 PM | #1
To put it short and simple got 10 toons I play pvp with but for the last week since about the 22nd or so only my 1 healer toon has been able to get into hutt ball. None of my dps or tank toons get hutt ball more often it's voidstar which I absolutely hate. One day this week on the same lvl 50 tank had voidstar 3 times in a row. Getting so tired of playing voidstar like 10-20 times a day and getting the others only like 3-4 times and hutt ball only on my healer once a day at best.

I'd love if players could get 2 votes, 1 for your favorite WZ and 1 for most hated WZ and the randomization program takes that into account when trying to find you a WZ. Is there anyway to tell the game to randomize better or make it easier to get a WZ I can stand to play? Or am I just S.O.L. until devs feel like tweaking with the pvp queue?

shyroman's Avatar

01.29.2013 , 05:00 PM | #2
I believe the actual mechanic is that it reads your mind and finds your least favorite warzone, and it gives you that the most often. And don't worry, you're not the only one. I hate huttball unless I'm on my shadow, but that is the only toon that I'm not flooded with huttball.