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Best Times to PvP as a Imp/Pub Player (To Be continually updated)

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Best Times to PvP as a Imp/Pub Player (To Be continually updated)

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01.27.2013 , 07:51 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by PhDWarrior View Post
One reason that some players on pub side may not play in peak hours is because we are playing from a different time zone- specifically west of the international date line. Thus, peak hours for me and my pacific friends is still midnight(ish) which is early morning for you yanks.

And well it doesnt help that the AP players are all spread thinly over so many guilds on pub side.

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01.28.2013 , 01:25 PM | #22
an interesting thread as i am always curious about the ebb and flows of pvp during the day

i've have been pug q'ing much lately-- both in 50's (imperial side only) and lowbie 10-49 (both factions and both lowbie toons are in their 20's and nicely to well-geared)

i play mainly early-mid morning server time during the week and many times over the weekend to periodically send crew on missions and get a couple dailys done

from server time 9-11 am the 50 pugs are well matched (from my imp pov) and i encounter all sides of pvp pug play variety -- from the biggest fails to the greatest "jaws from victory" to roflstomps

early morning time (4-6:59) and there seem to be some very strong republic teams in 50's regs
either have a very close game (at best)-- or get creamed

in lowbie's-- i have more success on my imp (sniper) than my sawbones scoundrel rep player
granted, my main is a sniper and i'm familiar with the playstyle-- on my smugg-- i am still learning the playstyle, but i find most of my imp teams have a "team captain" (the dude who gets q'd as default leader) usually has at least 12.5 hp (and usually 13k) whereas most of my republic ques have "leaders" with under 12k and, often times, have a valor level at least 10 levels under their toon's level -- when it happens we have a competent team on republic then my scoundrel healer has great games and we do very well indeed---

tl;dr more importantly to the theme of the op is -- what is the difference in general play during the week versus all the "free-for-all" that happens on the weekend ffs-- i almost deleted my republic toons entirely (2 20 somethings but very well geared and well invested by their "older" toons) because of the game experience on lowbie pvp pugs

nice thread