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Fresh 50 Concealment for PvP gear question..

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Fresh 50 Concealment for PvP gear question..

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01.28.2013 , 05:10 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Lob- View Post
If buy a couple WH Tech boots and strip it of the mods and put it into a moddable armor piece do I get the set bonuses for that?


2 x WH Tech boots strip them of mods and put the mods into a non WH moddable armor Legs and Helm. Does that mean I get the 2 peice WH Tech boots set bonus? Or does it need to be two DIFFERENT WH Tech items.
In War Hero and EWH, the set bonus is on the armorings and all armorings with set bonuses are slot-bound, so if you buy 2 boots you'll end up with two boots-only armorings (ie. you can't slot the armorings into a helm or anything that isn't boot-shaped).

Only the EWH bracers and belts carry PVP armorings that aren't slot-bound, but they don't have a set bonus either. So if you're after 2x Tech set bonus, you will have to buy 2 different WH/EWH Tech pieces. You can then take out the mods and slot them into orange shells of the same type and keep the set bonus.
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