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Looking for somebody to play with

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Looking for somebody to play with

AGiardinella's Avatar

01.27.2013 , 09:00 PM | #1
I want to get my jugg to 50 he's currently 38 but I am willing to start a new character if anyone wants to play the game with me. Whisper Parlic or reply on here

sumuser's Avatar

01.28.2013 , 12:27 AM | #2
Hey man,

Best of luck finding a leveling buddy, and if nothing else regard this response as a free bump. However, while i cant provide you someone to run missions with you, i can extend an offer to join WRIS. If you are an evening player (8pm EST +) WRIS will help, when you hit 50, get you geared in columi and beyond.

Our guild doesnt run class missions with sub 50s (just to be up front) but we do have a guild bank that offers repair funds as well as misc gear, mats, ect. We have many very knowledgeable players from every class in the game that can help with questions, and once you do hit 50 you will be invited to run HMs, dailies (which you can actually start at lvl 47), and OPs.

So, while i cant help you lvling at 38, i can offer you a guild that will include you when you can run lvl 50 content. The main prob with leveling buddies is it is so hard to sync times up (unless you're real life friends or are younger players with minimal responsibilities). So, while we do have sub 50s in the guild, we are all adults with crazy schedules and cant always be on at the same time as others.

See my sig if you want to contact me in game OR contact out guild leader Sorcero / Count-Burkley.
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