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Full Elite War Hero.. Deception sucks

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Full Elite War Hero.. Deception sucks

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01.25.2013 , 01:46 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by ashanator View Post
Just hit full elite war hero on my sin today and my conclusion is deception seriously sucks.

Comparing it to madness the damage with deception just cant keep up, when creeping terror, discharge and crushing darkness are running, voltaic slash shock and discharge can't keep up.

People might say decep has more burst ? Where ? My shock hits for 1.9k non crit and discharge 2.3k then i have nothing as voltaic slash is beyond useless compared to a fully specced thrash.

I'm not hating on decep as this is the build i want as i find the play style better but just cant leave madness as the damage and survivability is much much better.

Anyone else have any luck with deception ?
Madness is so good at pvp that 90% of the time your 3 dots are going to be dispeled. Also Madness have ZERO survivavility. I'm sorry but the self healing of this build wont help you at all.

Deception have a possibility of 24 sec of 25% dmg reduction plus eutropic field for a 3% damage reduction AND a passive 30% AoE damage reduction

Madness burst is...4k death field IF LUCKY. usualy its more like 3.5k + shock for what? 4k? lets say 4.5k

Deception have Discharge and shock discharge can easily hit for 6.2k on a geared player.Shock will usualy hit for 5.5k.

Also the mobility of Deception is better with a lower CD on force speed and if specced you are faster stealthed and harder to detect. Oh and maul might hit 30% harder too.

The only advantage Madness have over Deception is more ranged abilities.

Also if you want to play madness play it properly,go roll a sorc lol. Deception is far better than madness in pvp because you can solo kill a good healer, Madness cant because of... CLEANSE.

I dont want to be mean but if you think madness is better than Deception in pvp you are not a good player or your server skill cap is very very V.E.R.Y low. And if you burst more in are obviously not playing deception properly. Or...are you using the madness pvp gear? cant recall the name but its the one for dps that is not stalker lol
Guarding a healer is not only the job the the skill ''guard''. It is also your job to stay around the healer to be a plague for the people attacking the healer.

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01.25.2013 , 01:50 PM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by -NovalGaraint- View Post
Haven't been on my assassin in a long time, I think the last time i PVP'd on him there was still Champion armor....

What spec would yall suggest for playing in Recruit Mk 2 gear?
go 23/1/17 or maybe 31/0/10 or 23/3/15
Guarding a healer is not only the job the the skill ''guard''. It is also your job to stay around the healer to be a plague for the people attacking the healer.

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01.26.2013 , 01:13 PM | #63
Quote: Originally Posted by Philelectric View Post
go 23/1/17 or maybe 31/0/10 or 23/3/15
Guard should start on your melee dps and then swapped to your healer and you should be taunting continuously. If your doing it guard swapping is the most important thing you'll do to help win a warzone.

If you going to pure tank I recommend looking at 23/17/1. The survivability of the spec with the aoe dmg reduction and on demand 25% dmg reduction is tremendously useful if you tank. I think its better than 31/0/10 by a mile for pvp tanking. Its a great spec if you want to run the ball in huttball. Your a virtual Adrian Peterson in 23/17/1 for huttball.
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