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The Life that's Left

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01.23.2013 , 09:42 PM | #41
Those two have such a messed up relationship, lol.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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01.24.2013 , 04:37 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Those two have such a messed up relationship, lol.
Hmm, I suppose they do lol
I don't think Leer knows any other kind of relationship

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01.24.2013 , 01:31 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by EverSteam View Post
Hmm, I suppose they do lol
I don't think Leer knows any other kind of relationship
Hehe, this is true, poor girl. (Ok, I know she'd damage me for that one, but it's true )
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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01.25.2013 , 07:43 AM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Hehe, this is true, poor girl. (Ok, I know she'd damage me for that one, but it's true )

And there's something nice in a very messed up way about how close a freinds her and Gault are (at least to me ). But maybe I just think that because there's not many 'nice' things to compare anything to anymore. (not that I have anyone else to blame for that )

Anyway, I'm not sure on this one but... It's not really that long or important. I do like the end though.
But on with the show...


A short taxi ride later...

I run lightly along the pipes and ledges above Damin, jumping down and following on the ground when there's no other choice. He stops and talks to a few guards. I only vaguely listen. He smooth talks to them for a while, his exterior different from the cold agent I met. He's become a friend to them, a fellow Imperial that understands the pain of late night watches. I try to stay focused. But I'm so tired and it's taking more energy than it used to stay unseen and quiet. I'm out of practice.

Eventually, he reaches what I think is the reason he speaks to each of them. He wants to know about what one of the prisoners has been doing - Watcher X. He parts them with a friendly smile and variations of 'stay alert'.

Once he goes further into the compound, I run out of darkness and pipes. I quietly curse. I'm left to wait outside like a dog for its master.

I touch my right implant above and in m ear, turning dials, flicking switches and pressing in codes. Eventually, my ears no longer hear the conversation of the guards below but Damin's assured footsteps.

'I assume you have my Cyclone specimen. Was there any troubles at the augmentations shop? Did you admire their work?' I narrow my eye. The man I assume is 'Watcher X' sounds disturbingly eager for a positive answer to such a pointless question. He sounds sly. I shift uncomfortably.

'There was no trouble. I have your specimen.' I smile at the lie. Damin's low voice is a soothing balm after Watcher X's but I know it can never last long.

'I need equipment I can't buy to analyse the Cyclone. There's an abandoned medical laboratory in the Duros Sector. If armed refugees haven't stripped it bare you can run the analysis at the bio scan.'

'And then?' A patient prompt.

'You send the results to me. And then I think about Cyclone's origins and connection to the terrorists. I'm very good at thinking.' I can't place anything particular in his voice. Only that it makes me uneasy.

'I will return with the results then.'

Damin leaves. I listen to his footsteps and then soon enough I can see him. He says good night to the guards with a smile and orders of 'stay alert's as he walks out with. I follow him. He doesn't take the short route to the taxi but walks through alleys. He knows I'm following.

After half an hour, he drops a datapad. I wait for him to walk around the corner and drop down. I bend down to pick it, noticing my listening device and tracker. I chuckle to myself and pick them up, putting them in my pocket. I underestimated him. He knew I was there. And knew I was listening. He's good. Very good. I wonder if his fighting is as good as his brains. Still think you're no longer a Mando'ad?Shut it.

I shake my head but the malicious, laughing presence doesn't leave. If only my mind would leave me alone for a while. Insanity is something I was getting used to and good at. Stupidity is a new game again.

I read the message.

'I'm feeling stupid, Leeriah. And insulted.'

I grin and let out a far too loud and joyful laugh. I won't make it so easy for him next time. I slide the datapad into my pocket and walk to the taxi pad. I don't see Damin again that night.

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01.25.2013 , 09:44 AM | #45
Hehe, the end is good, also Watcher X!!! So creepy and intriguing This is good that she has some light moments here mixed in with a lot of dark. Rollercoaster it is
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
Fan Fiction: My Name is Solomon Crae The Man in the Box

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01.25.2013 , 02:34 PM | #46
So odd.
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01.25.2013 , 08:22 PM | #47
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Hehe, the end is good, also Watcher X!!! So creepy and intriguing This is good that she has some light moments here mixed in with a lot of dark. Rollercoaster it is

I'm glad you're still enjoying it despite... hmm, let's call it the 'Torian incident'. That sounds nicer than what it was, like how the 'Quinn incident' makes it sound like he wasn't a

Quote: Originally Posted by MilaniGrey View Post
So odd.

The relationship of Gault and Leer, introducing the IA or there still undefined and confused relationship that's irreversibly marked with their painful history, a sense of debt after she saved him, the common liking and sympathy that led her to do it and a cross path in loyalties that will only become exacerbated?

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01.26.2013 , 05:01 AM | #48
Taken from something I posted in When I Wake. I never thought I'd use it. Been altered quite a bit to fit in.

Three nights later...

I move my fingers along the instrument in a way I don't think about. I never got to show Torian I could play the bes'bev. I was waiting for a moment to surprise him that would never come. And playing it now, to not even his ghost in the cargo hold he haunted for so long, hurts more than if someone had driven the bes'bev into me.

But I don't mind the pain. It only makes the music a little more bitter and a little better. Some say music is the finest expression of the soul. I wouldn't know about that. I only know this is my way of crying.

But my thoughts aren't entirely with Torian. For the first time in a decade, I'm thinking of Damin. And what saving him cost me. It made me realise I needed to be patient. I needed to wait. And I needed to get stronger.

I walk into the room and see my next Guest. My third in my first week. First was an older woman that was hard to break, the second was a scumbag Rodian that was ready to squeal as soon as I picked up the knife. And now I have what looks like a blue Imperial boy.

I glance at the information they've given me and what I'm to attain information of. There are strict orders that he isn't to suffer any long term or large amounts of blood loss. He's a long term guest.

Seventeen, Chiss and human, honour student in the Imperial academy. The vague information goes on. There's more on his parents than on him.

I toss the file away carelessly and walk around the boy in the chair, assessing him. His straps are loose. I'll need to tighten them. I end my seventh circle in front of him and look over his face. His eyes are too bright.
I'll have to remember to tell the Care Taker's to fix that. And he looks too nice and gentle. I will have to fix that. I try to harden myself but I can't. I don't want to hurt you.

'You've been crying,' he says in a room that echoes and amplifies the kind words. This room isn't used to hearing kindness or pity. He's spitting in a temple.

I move to the work bench. I'm not sure where to begin. I don't want to begin. I like the look of him. He's Imperial, a voice reminds me in a whisper. And innocent, I return. He will become a soldier or worse. But he isn't yet. It's the now that matters. And now he is a sweet young man that I have to hurt despite knowing it's wrong because of who his parents are. Will they all be this hard?

'How do you know I've been crying?' I return with a smirk.

His next words make my heart cry in the way my eyes can't. They make what I have to do impossible. But I know I will. I have no choice. They teach us to complete the morally impossible. I still refuse to learn. Even if I make him scream, he won't leave any sooner. He won't die any sooner. The Organisation doesn't let its Guests go that easy. It doesn't let anyone go.

'Because you're here and you look so sad.'

'Is that a flute?'

My fingers stop and so does the air, the last notes ending abruptly. I was wondering when Gault would speak. He's been watching me for half an hour, silently and in the shadows. As long as it had stayed that way, I didn't mind.

'No, Gault, it's what's going to be lodge up your arse if you don't shut up soon,' I reply with aggressive sarcasm. The moment and feeling is gone. It won't come back tonight. So I limply hold the bes'bev in my hand.

'You play the flute?' Gault asks in a shocked and distant tone despite my warning, still needing clarifications.

'Yes,' I reply shortly and with a roll of my eye. I stand up and walk closer to Gault, who doesn't move away yet.

'Isn't it a little... delicate for you, babe?' he ventures with the same dazed tone. Never thought Gault would be so shocked his wit would shrivel up and die like a fern on Tatooine.

'Are you saying I'm not delicate?' I reply with cold anger and continue my advance. Try not to smirk as I see Gault's life entering his eyes again and wonder how Gault will manoeuvre his way out of this. I'm not really angry. I just like teasing Gault like this. The sadness of the memory still clings. But it's the ones that come after that will hurt the most. I hold the feelings in and protect them from Gault's constant scrutiny. I can't let him see me cry.

'I'm guessing if I don't want that flute sticking out of my stomach I should say 'no',' he replies after a pause already edging towards bottom of the staircase for an escape.

'Exactly. If I were you, I would say 'no' pretty soon,' I suggest as I still slowly walk forward, looking at the shining flute in my hand very closely.

'Did you know, Gault, that the bes'bev is a Mando flute made from beskar that doubles as a weapon?' I look at my flute thoughtfully. 'Yeah, had some good times with this one. Went into a few jobs with only this as a weapon.

Always hated undercover jobs. Seems a lot of people are attracted to musicians. Never seen it myself,' I say conversationally, edging closer to Gault who moves up the stairs backward.

'Do dancers count as musicians?' he asks as a distraction.

I laugh and put the flute into my belt which makes Gault noticeably relax. I don't want him to stop fearing me. I like us as we are. Easy jibes and comfortable proximity. Gault is right. I don't want him to leave. I feel a little braver, a little stronger and a little happier when he's with me. But I will never let him know that. I would rather carve out my own eyes with the bes'bev.

'No, Gault, they really don't.'

'Can't say I see the appeal either then.' He leans against the rails outside my room on the top of the landing as I lean against the wall a few steps below. 'Though if it were you playing it...'

I roll my eye at Gault and shake my head. I ignore the comment and continue my own train of thought. 'I'd always hoped Torian would. Always thought it might make him all happy and... you know, since it's Mando and everything.'

'A little devious, aren't we?' Gault asks with a raised eyebrow.

'Ah, if only you knew what it felt to make someone look like that, Gault. It's... it made me feel good. And happy. Never felt anything like that until I met Torian,' I explain wistfully. And I guess I won't anymore.

Gault only makes gagging motions but a frown hangs on the corners of his lips and his eyes regard me with cynical amusement.

I shake my head and sigh. 'Anyway, you know I once hollowed a targets eye sockets with only this?' My feelings aren't a subject of discussion for us.

'I didn't, my dear, and I don't require much imagination or belief in your insanity to picture you doing it. Any reason for it, my dear, or did you just feel like it?'

'I think it had something to do with him looking at the waitress instead of me playing despite the fact that I was in a demeaning outfit even the most degenerate dancers would refuse to wear.' I lower my voice to an exaggerated whisper and confess that 'I didn't appreciate him not listening to my playing.'

'Well, I'm sure he didn't make that mistake again.' Gault pauses and then remembers something. 'Was the costume any better than the ones in that cantina down in the Red Light Sector?' he asks curiously.

'The ones with the material here,' I gesture to different parts of my body, 'and metal here with the top like this?' I continue the gestures and Gault nods along.

'Those exactly,' Gault confirms.

'Well you know how they had this here and that there...' I wait for his confirming nods as I gesture to parts of my body with a lack of self consciousnesses. He nods and I continue. 'They weren't there.'

His eyes widen and he lets out an appreciative whistle. 'That much better?' I smirk and nod. 'Wow, my dear, just wow.' His eyes look me over carefully and I only raise an eyebrow and cross my arms. He frowns slightly in concentration.

He moves towards me and walks around me. I stand still but not rigid. I have forgotten everything but the memory and this conversation so much that I am not even aware that there is anything to forget.

'But how did it stay up if that wasn't there or there? It seems impossible for even a dancers outfit.'

'Do you really want me to spoil the magic by telling you?' I ask teasingly.

'Well, I would prefer if it was by you showing me in great detail but somehow I don't imagine it being in your physical closet.'

I raise an eyebrow at Gault's blatant suggestion and wonder when the shallow flirting will stop. He really hasn't changed.

'I do actually.' Gault looks at me suspiciously and takes a few steps back. I shrug. 'You never know.'

'If I see it on you, will it be the last thing I see before you gouge my eyes out as well?'

'Most definitely.'

'Hmm... it's almost worth it. But I'd prefer to see you in this shirt everyday then a dancers outfit for one night.' I scoff at Gault's sweet talk and shake my head. Despite the Devaronian on board, I continue to frequently only wear a large, new shirt I bought with the original idea for it to only be slept in. That was a month ago and it's hardly been removed when on the ship and never been washed. It still smells brand new.

'But I still want you tell me how it worked.'

I shrug. I have lost interest in this conversation. 'It was specially made for me. There were small but strong magnets on the inside of the material. I believe it took them three months to figure out how to sow magnets on to see through black lace.'

Gault raises an eyebrow. 'Black lace? Isn't that a little...' Gault trails off at my dangerous stare. 'On second thought, never mind. And on third thought, the image just got a whole lot better.'

'Nice recovery, Gault. I think you just saved your eyes for now despite the large lie you had to tell to do it.'

'Oh but it's the truth, sweet heart. If I were your target, I don't think I would notice the existence of a waiter or anything else as long as you were wearing that in front of me.' He moves closer smoothly his eyes trying to catch mine. Sometimes Gault really is so smooth and genuine even to my cynical eye, I find myself believing the utter bantha **** that escapes his mouth.

'But even as you always are, I never notice anyone else, my lovely. I only have eyes for you.'

I snort in derision and wrap my arms tighter around me. I suddenly feel how I used to without armour on: naked, vulnerable and ready to kill anything that touched me.

I take out the flute again and poke it's sharp, pointed end. 'I wonder if it can still gouge someone's eyes out. I haven't sharpened it in a while.' My eyes brighten eagerly as I look up to Gault. 'Do you want to be my test subject?'

'Wow, I'm both flattered and tempted but I'll have to turn you down on that,' Gault says with a dramatic show of remorse, retracing his steps backward.

'Well if you're so flattered and tempted then I insist.' I jump to Gault which he side steps. He jumps off the railing and runs for the engine room. I follow.

I force him into a corner and twirl the flute between my fingers.

'Woah, woah, woah. Don't do anything you'll regret. I need these eyes you know. We're not all comfortable with one. Or none,' Gault rambles as he holds his hands up. Not exactly the best attempt at trying to talk his way out of something he's ever done. He'd be better off going back to shameless flattery.

I only smirk and jump at Gault again. I press him against the railing and hold the flutes sharp end close to his right eye. His hands move to my shoulders to push me away and I laugh until I look into his eyes. Something hard and serious in Gault's eyes stops my movements and dries my laughter. He stops pushing as he became aware of what I only now notice: our bodies pushing against each other, our mouths close, and my hand on the back of his head and other physical reactions.

His hands tighten on my shoulders and pulls them ever so slightly closer to him. He leans his head down towards me a little, his mouth open and the two rows of shining teeth flashing in the dark of his mouth. Gault's hands move down from my shoulders, pressing my lower back.

'Leave, Cyare.'

I sneer at Gault and break the... stare. I force a laugh and begin to walk out, flippantly saying something about removing his eyes next time over my shoulder. I shake my head, pleased and disconcerted that I don't hear anything clink. I touch my wet ear and look at my bloodied finger tips. So it really has begun already.

Gault follows as I grab a few bottles of wine from the cargo hold. He watches me and leans against the air lock frame.

'Going somewhere?' he asks curiously.

'I am, actually.' I inform. I'm already late. It's best to keep him waiting.

'Do you always drink as you slaughter everyone?'

'No. And I'm not slaughtering many people tonight. Only one if all goes to plan.'

'So you're on a date?'

'Think of it how you want. If thinking of it as a date makes it easier for you to comprehend then do so.' Gault doesn't need to know about my meeting. The less he knows the better. For me.

'Right. You're really sick, my dear.'

'I know. And I like you too, Gault,' I mockingly and lightly reply. A sound escapes Gault like a real, happy laugh but I think I'm mistaken as the sound becomes coughing.

'Are you meeting your favourite and mysterious Chiss from years past?' he asks curiously. I will see Damin again soon. Until then, I have a different agent to play a game with.

'No. He hasn't called yet.' I reply without thinking. My minds already with Jonas. We organised a meeting. He's playing the role of that man in a bar and I'm just a woman. We both know otherwise. I need my head in that game, not this one.

'And why would you be expecting his call? Or is hell coming earlier this year?' Gault's mocking amusement is palpable and I wonder how Gault ever managed to get under Torian's skin. The Devaronian is harmlessly irritating only.

'Hilarious, Gault, truly hilarious.'

He ignores my sarcasm and continues. 'Don't you think one man aboard is enough to irk your pet Mando?'

'A tip for living longer - don't stand next to the air lock. It makes it too tempting to push you out of it.' Are you ever going to tell him?

Gault looks at me with cautious glare and comes to stand closer, leaning against the start of the stairs on my left. I make sure I can see him in my peripheral vision as I put the bottles into a bantha hide bag.

'So is he handsome? Or is it a woman?'

I laugh. 'It's a man,' I say with bitter confidence.

'Are you sure? You only have one eye if I might say.'

'Yes, I'm sure. And no, Gault, you might not say that. If I had bad vision I'd be looking at you twice. Might hide a few of those wrinkles from view,' I dryly comment.

'Hey! I'll have you know I'm very attractive for a Devaronian or any other specimen of masculinity.' I raise an sceptical eyebrow at this and move a hand to my hip. He only holds up a hand to show case himself and smiles impishly. 'And I thought you were having more than a second look earlier.'

I glare at Gault sharply with a murderous intent. Gault and I have been friends for over two years now. I'd hate for it to end just because he didn't know when to shut the **** up. He deserves a better death than following Mako's. Did I ever get rid of her body...?

'Sure, Gault. Whatever helps you sleep.' I walk up the stairs to my room and Gault trails behind.

'Having you, my dear, would help me sleep.'

'Really laying it on thick tonight, aren't you? A little desperate and lonely are we? I told you, you have tonight and tomorrow night off. Go find your three women and plot some crime lords down fall.'

'I'm never lonely when I'm near you, sweet heart. I don't need three women when I'm with you.'

I scoff again. 'Don't expect me to do anything they would do.' I close my room's door on his retort. I pull on some pants and change into a different shirt. I open the door again and Gault is still standing there. I smile and walk back down.

'Never heard a woman complain by the way,' he adds as he moves to stand behind me. I sling my bag over my shoulder and pick up my belt, checking that the knives, guns and explosive are all in order.

'Weren't you listening to me just before?'

'Always listening to you,' he replies with a seriousness I know not to trust and to only laugh at. The moment I believe him, is the moment I will make a mistake I will never forgive myself for.

'Are you still lying to me after all this time? Been two years or more hasn't it, Gault? Still in the lying stage of this relationship?'

'We're in a relationship?' he asks curiously. I know where Gault is taking that and I roll my eye.

'Yeah, a business relationship. We scam people together, collect bounties together, I try and kill you at least three times a day and then we laugh about it later while you continue to use me and lie to me. That relationship.'

'Lie to you? I would never lie to someone as beautiful as you,' he smoothly replies in the voice he uses on gullible yet beautiful and often rich women in cantinas.

'Smooth, Gault, really smooth. Spend all day oiling that tongue of yours?' I retort.

He lets a smile break across his face but restrains any laughter. 'Why don't you come closer and find out?' he beckons in that same suggestive voice.

'Still in the stage where you're shallowly pursing me with no real desire to do anything with me but cheat people, break you out of jail and drink?' I ask with an amused sneer, not moving closer or further away.

'Shallowly?' Gault asks innocently. 'I mean everything I say to you. There's nothing I want more than you,' he asserts in a low voice, moving closer. The shadow of the stairs makes Gault's face appear darker and his shining eyes an unnerving red. 'I could think of a few stages that involve us getting closer, if you're interested. I've been interested in them for a long while.' His voice is more steady and low than I ever thought it could be as he tries to coax me too earnestly into something I would forever regret. I'm not that insane yet.

He reaches a hand out to me and slowly laces it around my waist. I consider my options. Breaking Gault's fingers is overly done by now and shooting his ankle could leave permanent damage that would affect his usefulness. So I decide for a classic. I sharply and quickly raise my knee into Gault's groin. I walk past Gault and head to the exit as he somehow remains standing.

'Good bye, Gault,' I call back to him. 'Try not to let HK kill you while I'm out.'


@ Hoyden: yes, most definetly messed up.

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01.26.2013 , 10:26 AM | #49
Messed up and hilarious!
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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01.26.2013 , 07:39 PM | #50
Quote: Originally Posted by EverSteam View Post

The relationship of Gault and Leer, introducing the IA or there still undefined and confused relationship that's irreversibly marked with their painful history, a sense of debt after she saved him, the common liking and sympathy that led her to do it and a cross path in loyalties that will only become exacerbated?
Just the whole situation. Didn't mean it in a negative light, don't worry.
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