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Kaggath Tournament - Grievous vs Revan vs G0-T0

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Kaggath Tournament - Grievous vs Revan vs G0-T0

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01.25.2013 , 02:44 PM | #301
Aurbere asked for a scenario, and I couldn't resist. So here it is:

In the opening stages of the Kaggath Grievous uses his spread out territories to a tactical advantage, attacking Revanís Empire on multiple fronts and claiming several major victories. Revan however, after multiple defeats, retreats to a safe location, while Malak pushes the assault. Revan forces his shipyards into overdrive to slow Grievousí rapid assault Revan and employs hit and run tactics, and his legions of Sith assassins to harry Grievousí progress. With the last of his reinforcements he takes advantage of Grievousí scattered territories by blockading the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Route, cutting off Grievous from reinforcements and supplies, furthering slowing his assault.

Meanwhile Grievous has dispatched Ventress, who poses as a bounty hunter, and a battalion of special forces to deal with G0-T0 before he can make his move. Revan however, pushed for resources in his battle with Grievous, is only able to dispatch a small amount of Sith assassins to track G0-T0ís movements. However G0-T0 has informants, biological and droid, across Nar Shaddaa and quickly locates Revanís assassins, and discovers Ventressí true identity. He dispatches his Ubese assassins, HK-50 droids and Hanharr to dispatch them both. Revanís assassins are largely killed and few escape but Ventress manages to defeat Hanharr and escape alive, reporting her failure to Grievous.

An infuriated Grievous reprimands Ventress for her failure as dispatches her to the front lines. Grievous also finds himself forced to lessen his frontal assault to break the blockade, as well as pursue another avenue of attack for destroying G0-T0, who is proved a greater threat than he once thought. In a rash move Grievous dedicates an entire fleet to an assault on Nar Shaddaa, hoping to orbitally bombard the planetís surface and kill G0-T0. However G0-T0 becomes aware of the imminent attack and informs the Hutts, who hastily rally an army of smugglers, bounty hunters and pirates eager to defend the profitable planet. Grievous meets stiff resistance and his ships as sabotaged by G0-T0ís forces, his attack his thwarted and he is forced into retreat.

Meanwhile Revan learns of Ventressí presence, and witnesses her prowess on the battlefield, seeing her potential as an ally he creates a trap so that Ventress can be brought to him. Revanís trap is successful and Ventress submits to the Dark Lordís superior strength and knowledge of the Force, pledging herself to his teachings, eager to escape from under Grievousí foot.

With a new pawn Revan has Ventress return to Grievous with false information on a weak link, the location of Revanís shipyards on Fondor, which is in fact now heavily defended. The General takes the bait and Grievous and Ventress lead the assault on the planet. However when they drop out of hyperspace they find a vast Sith fleet awaiting them, commanded by Darth Revan himself. Grievous realises that Fondor was a trap and immediately begins planning a hasty retreat which would have been successful, but Revan planned for such an escape and had Ventress sabotage the flagshipís engines and the Soulless One. Whatís more, G0-T0, who has been using his extensive underworld network of informants, implanted in several of his opponentís vessels, to track the battle and gets wind of the trap - sending his own forces to ensure none survive. A small fleet of stealthed ships arrive on the scene and infiltrate the Revanís and Grievousí flagships in the chaos.

Revan, ready to spring the trap shut, boards Grievousí immobilised flagship as its power is shut down. Seeking a hasty retreat Grievous flees to his starship but Ventress, revealing her true allegiance, stops him. Revan soon joins her and together they destroy the General. However G0-T0 has flooded the flagship with HK-50 assassin droids who have planted a powerful bomb on the ship, rigged to blow. Unbeknownst of their presence, Revan and Ventress prepare to leave the vessel, however find that all of the ships have been destroyed. Realising another power is involved; Revan attempts to hail a friendly vessel to rescue the pair from their imminent destruction. However it arrives too late, the HKs activate the bomb and destroy the ship, reducing Revan to space dust. G0-T0 receives a holo bearing the good news whilst enjoying an oil bath.

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