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Paranoia Sage Build

skilligan's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 01:16 PM | #1

I've been having fun with this build lately, basically a hybrid dps build with a 50% chance to stun, 10% aoe damage boost, 2 insta-procs, and sustainable force management.

Weaken Mind > (psychic proj) Telekinetic Throw (presence of mind) > FIB > Mind Crush > Disturbance > TK Wave > Project

Cut that rotation in half as procs pop - pretty nasty when you get them all

You are at the mercy of RNG for the stuns, but the fact that some stuns will pop will make the enemy team think twice before leaping. Plus 1/2 the stuns = twice the fun.

Skylene @ <Swollen Members> @ The Bastion