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Dirty-Saw hybrid for leveling, flashpoints and heroics

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Dirty-Saw hybrid for leveling, flashpoints and heroics

Rohkai's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 10:10 PM | #1
Hey all,
I've been gone from TOR for about 7 months. I have decided to re-roll instead of picking up toons that I have completely forgotten how to play. I'm working on a Scoundrel and was wondering how Sawbones / Dirty Fighting hybrid would fare leveling and doing mild PvP. The idea is to HOT and Dot with what I think would be some fair crowd control and decent burst.
Tell me what you think, I plan to take Sawbones up to SR medpack (had that before and loved it) then up Dirty fighting then finish out sawbones. I've tried leveling as pure healers in many games.. I get frustrated and end up rolling pure DPS instead.