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Fresh 50 Need help

abrnml's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 06:37 PM | #1
So I posted this on the Operative class forum, but have not got an answer yet so I decided to try my luck here since they are the same.

So I recently came back to swtor after a very long break and Im in a dilemma on gearing up my op.
I tried reading a bunch of different guides and such, but most are too old or they don't answer my questions.

So my first question is, I have 2400 wz comms available; what gear should I get first and so on? I plan on going concealment, but as of right now I am running healer spec just because I know I won't deal enough DMG and I'll get 2 shotted.

Next. How should I have my gear setup? Am I suppose to get 5 piece stalker set for concealment or am I suppose to mix it with other sets and add some pve pieces for the bonus

Last. Once I get my wh gear, do I have to Rip out anything such as mods or enhancements and switch it with other stats?

This post is towards concealment/scrapper? ops, but if anyone could give me some input on healer spec aswell, I would love to hear it.