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<Midnight> Pub guild is recruiting

Adanis's Avatar

01.19.2013 , 10:05 AM | #1
Midnight is an adult guild that was formed pre-release of the game and was forced to change servers a few times (like many of you as well) and continued into the SWTOR galaxy. Most members are longtime MMO players (and friends) that have left WoW and others behind to enjoy SWTOR. We are a small guild that wants to concentrate on building freindships with a focus on progression content.

We are currently looking for one tank (guardian or shadow) and 2 ranged and one melee dps. If you need gear than we will be able to help you out getting what you need so you can get into the higher levels of content with us. He have cleared all HM Ops except for TFB which we are working on at the moment. We Op on Wed, Thurs and Fri nights 7-10pm CST but have a flexible schedule to meet our members needs as well. We do require all members to use our ventrilo for all ops.

We do use profanity from time to time and you will hear dirty jokes and comments but it is always in good fun never to be mean towards each other. We want to keep the feeling of family within our guild. To have a good time and enjoy the game is why we play SWTOR. We are looking for like minded people to join us that want to see all end game content as well as build stronger freindships and have a blast doing so. I hope to hear from you and can contact us by leaving a message here or in game contact Pyretta, Cosran or Stravok. You can check our website out as well