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Taris 3,956 BBY ((Open RP))

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01.06.2012 , 01:06 AM | #1
I was thinking that it might be fun to RP what the destruction of Taris by Admiral Karath's flag ship the Leviathan and the Sith Fleet may have been like from the ground. Due to the fact that this RP takes place approximately 300 years before the Treaty of Coruscant, none of our in game characters could be present, so I invite you all to make up characters to live out this RP experience...

1. No GodModing - Your character in this RP, will not be alive in 300 years, so feel free to experiment with dangerous situations, and be open to the possibility of your character not surviving this cataclysmic event.
2. Follow the Open Stories rules
3. Have fun, and don't take it too seriously, its RP, and I'd like to have a good story develop here, maybe something that can be referenced later by our characters in the 'present day' but its not worth getting into an ooc fight over anything.
4. Posts should be AT LEAST 1 paragraph long.
5. Feel free to control the environment, and NPCs in reasonable ways.
6. On the first post with a character, post a short description of them.

RP Characters:
Jim Xyler - A 23 year old Human merchant, Jim has closely groomed black hair, and a clean shaven face. He is fairly skinny, and about 5'9. He has never been in a fight in his life, and never played sports. He recently found out that his girlfriend of 2 years, a Twi'lek named Amara was cheating on him.

Stages of the RP:

The Sith Bombardment occurred in multiple phases. At first the Sith flagship 'the Leviathan' attacked, and than the Sith fleet followed suit. This will be the first stage of the RP. The second stage will occur a day later, once the bombardment has ended. I invite people to interact, place their characters near each other, but I will continue the story regardless of whether or not anyone else is posting.

"The search for Bastila is taking too long. We cannot risk her escaping Taris. Destroy the entire planet."

Jim Xyler looked up from his desk at the clock, grumbling a curse in Huttese to himself. He was supposed to be meeting a client to discuss a potential trade partnership for Tarisian Accounting, one that might help him raise himself above the humble clerk position that he was currently working. Reaching under his desk, he look out a small bottle of Tarisian Rum, and poured himself a glass, drinking it down within seconds.

The bitter taste of the ale lingered in his mouth, as he felt his stomache rumble. He looked over at the Comp-pad, casually checking to see if there were any new messages. To his disappointment, he noted no new messages, and proceeded to begin casually and mindlessly browsing through his mail. On the third page, he noted their was a message he had missed. Sure enough, upon opening it he realized that the person he had supposed to be meeting with, a member of the Sith Negotiations committee, had cancelled indefinitely.

Enraged, Jim took a big swig of his Rum, finishing it off, before throwing it against the wall, shattering the bottle. He knew he should be concerned with what his superiors would think, but to be honest, he couldn't care less. His life had taken quite the down turn recently, after he had walked in on his girlfriend, Amara Ilo, and another man, some Mandalorian Mercenary working with the Exchange. Canderous something.

He angrily continued walking toward the elevator, thinking about recent events, things really had gone from bad to worse their. Amara hadn't even pretended to apologize to him, and all the Mandalorian had done was shrug his shoulders at him and unapologetically proceed to walk out of the room, completely ignoring Jim's vague threats of violence. To be honest, he couldn't have done anything to the man, he was clearly a combat veteran, and Jim was a low level clerk at a desk job.

All he could do was console himself with the fact that mercenaries had a short life span, and the man would probably meet a brutal meaningless end. As for Amara, she had never even tried to call him, making him believe that she had been cheating on him for a good amount of time. By the Force he was pathetic. As he reached the elevator, he hit the down button, proceeding to descend from his 23rd floor office to the top level of the planet.

As he reached the bottom level, the woman at the desk looked over at him, she was a pretty, red haired female, and he thought that he might as well give it a shot. He walked over to her, the alcohol clearly influencing his decision making process and smiled at her. She smiled back at him, in a somewhat worried way.

Jim continued to grin at her, and spoke "Hey... Hey..."

She looked back at him. "Hello sir. Welcome to Taris Building 73, how can I assist you?"

He moved closer, putting his hands on the desk. "How about you cut the charade.. I shee you eyeing me up... what'dya say we get out of this joint and grab a brew?"

She glanced away from him, and backed up. "Sir, I appreciate the offer, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave, you are in violation of Statute 3.643 of the Taris Workers Trade Law"

He pushed his hand back, behind his head, stretching out, in some vain attempt to look impressive "Don't hide behind those silly trade laws, I won't tell anyone... Comeon, lets grab a drink... I just need someone to talk too.."

She reached down and pressed a button. "Sir, please leave."

He put up his hands and started to back away. "Alright. I get it, I get it. I'm leaving ok? You happy?"

She seemed to be embarrassed by the situation, as a few other people in the lobby had turned to watch. The front door opened, and in walked three men in Sith uniforms, walking directly toward him.

"Is this the man that was bothering you Liz?" asked one.

The red headed girl nodded, and on que, the Sith grabbed him, with one hand by the neck, glancing back to the girl. "Send a memo to his boss that he has been found guilty of informing on the Sith Empire and is going to be questioned. That should keep him from ever bothering you again."

Jim's face turned red, the alcohol in his blood had dulled the pain of the man's metallic grip on the back of his neck, but even in his drunken state he could tell that he was in trouble. He attempted to push the man off him and make a break for the door, but the two other Sith caught him, and grabbed each of his arms and started pushing him toward the door.

By the time he had reached the door, the main Sith, who had grabbed him the first time walked right up behind him, and took off his mask. He had short blonde hair, and his face was gaunt, with a nose that appeared to have been broken multiple times. He pulled Jim's hair, so his head would be facing up at him, and slapped him across the face, before telling him, while spraying him with spittle "You ever so much as breath to my girl again, I'll have you fed to the Rak Ghouls. You might think your a big shot up in your ivory tower, but know your on my level, if I didn't have better things to do, I'd actually bring you in."

And with that, he felt a blow to the back of his head, and his world went black.

When Jim woke, he knew he couldn't have been out for more than 30 seconds, but everything seemed different. He staggered to his feet, and started to attempt to walk toward his apartment, blood dripping off the wound on the back of his skull. As he walked through the crowed streets, he noticed that noone was stopping to as much as attempt to help him. Than it him, noone cared about him.

He didn't matter.

It wasn't even a depressing revelation. He'd felt it subconsciously since he found out about Amara. Now at least it was clear in his head. He had no purpose.

He looked over at the guard rail at the end of the area he was walking. If he could get past it, all he'd have to do is fall. Than it would be over. No more shame, nothing, he'd just be rak-ghoul food at the bottom.

But. If he was going to do it, he thought to himself. He wanted to feel something. Something he had never felt before.

He looked to his left, and reached into his pocket, grabbing his credit chip. He was going to spend every penny of it, before he jumped.
As he wobbled up to the door of what he believe to be a swoop gang's hide out, he noticed that the alien guards were lying on the ground. Taking a curious look, he saw some the burns of blaster bolts on their faces. It was, to him, one of the most gruesome things that he had ever seen. He had never seen a body before in his life, and the appearance of a mutilated dead alien was too much for him, and he began to vomit.

As he turned away from the sight, a group of Duros men across the way gestured at him, laughing. In the corner an Ithorian watched, with what he imagined were worried eyes.

Glaring angirly at both of them, and still very much intoxicated, he pushed open the door himself, finding it to be unlocked.

As he entered the area, he was again shocked to see bodies of dead aliens all over... but he was more shocked by the sound of a massive explosion above him, and he leapt out of the way, as the roof gave way, and what appeared to be a chunk of sidewalk from the level above, complete with the burned remains of the pedestrians came crashing down....

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01.08.2012 , 09:57 AM | #2
name: Rems "Deadeye" Duncan

age: 44 standard years

spieces: human

homeworld: Corascaunt


weapons: 2 blaster pistols, light armor vest, vibroblade

affliction: Taris, Galactic Republic, Republic Army (formerly), Sith occupation (as planet confined prisoner)

biography: Rems was born on the planet of Corascaunt around the time of Exar Kun's war. From a young age, he displayed great skill handling a blaster. He was recruited by the Republic military during the Mandalorian Wars, in which he served as a Corporal in the standard army. By the time of Revan's betrayal, Duncan and his unit were not amongst the forces that joined with the Sith Lord, as they remained loyal to the Republic and under the direct control of the Admiralty. After witnessing his squad get torn apart by a vicious Sith Acolyte, Rems deserted and found himself on the planet of Taris, where he established himself as a duelist in the Arena. He was at the top for a while, but he wasn't as young as he used to be, and started to get beaten by younger duelists. In his last duel, he was bested by a new protigee, The Mysterious Stranger. Because of his recent ill-luck, Rems has been considering to go into retirement, however his plans would soon be interrupted by Darth Malak...

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02.15.2012 , 07:30 AM | #3
Lieuteant Colonel Barbosoo exits the SIS HQ on Taris. "Wow must be a bad day today. This is Barbosoo tower command requesting to speak to Major Hoocl.....what the..*****!!! Sir we are under attack!!
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01.19.2013 , 02:59 AM | #4
Name: Paffios Karhun
Occupation: Gladiator,
Description: A 23 year old mirilan, male. wilh black hair slicked back, [not sure of the height, but body type 2]

Paffios had just begun his fight when the battle begun, he grabbed his two vibro-swords and swung them around, "Hardly fair for you my friend" the 6'9 [body type 3] mandolorian just roared, Paffios had seen the man early, pumping himself up full of who knows what. the man ran straight at paffios, paffios attempted to slide out of the way, but then the ground began to shake, the mandolorain had still continued his assault, he crashed straight into Paffios, sending them both into the wall of the ring, he looked up dazed as the building collapsed,
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