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The Imperial Guard Waits You!

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01.18.2013 , 01:06 PM | #1
The Imperial Guard is a Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Aligned guild

About the guild

The Imperial Guard was originally founded to play in Star Wars Galaxies. In Star Wars Galaxies, we were located on the Naritus Server and stood as the strongest Imperial guild in terms of members and successes. We had developed a large base complex that we defended from multiple Alliance attacks and we would lead "RP-ish" Imperial crackdowns of major cities. The Imperial Guard ran strong for two years and then slowly phased out as Star Wars Galaxies saw less and less content upgrades.

For SW:TOR, we continue to be known as "The Imperial Guard" and we have brought everything that was great about the original and adding to it with a updated organizational structure, streamlined ranks, more player interaction in the guild, and Awards/Medals to recognize those of our players who have dedicated themselves to the Guard.

The Imperial Guard focus on the two primary aspects of a massively multiplayer online game; Player vs Player and Player vs Environment.

Our approach to Player vs Environment is that we have a staggered raid schedule that allows for multiple runs of Ops each week. This allows players in varying time zones to have a chance to participate, without being on-line at some ungodly hour.

Our approach to Player vs Player is driven by practice and training. We select those individuals, whom enjoy "mastering" PvP in an MMO, and then take their expertise and train our other members to create a fighting force the likes of which rarely see.

Our approach to Role Playing is completely optional. We feel that if you like to Role Play, that is great; but If you don't like to, that is fine too.

We want all types of people to enjoy their time spent in The Imperial Guard. The community is important to us, and it is what makes The Guard what is it. Please take some time and enjoy our site, we have lots of information and resources available. If you think The Guard is the sort of guild you'd like to be part of; review our Code of Conduct / What Is Expected Of You information and then apply!

Joining the guild

We are currently taking applications for all classes. We emphasize a 18+ environment, but if you are younger you are still free to apply, as we do make exceptions. To apply, please visit our website listed above, and click the Apply for the Guard button.


The Imperial Guard is structured like a military organization; We currently house over 100 members, and continue to grow. We have the pleasure of running with mature individuals that can contribute certain skills to make the experience for its members a notable one.

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The Imperial Guard

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10.03.2013 , 02:54 PM | #3
Just wanted to say, I have been in five guilds since launch, 4 of em I left cause they died.

The Imperial Guard is very active on Jung Ma, never less then 15 members at any given time.

I have been welcomed in with open arms to the PVP community,

I don't see any signs of eletism, very courtious and professional.

I hope to be a member for a very long time

Thank you for such a warm welcome
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