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buying a mac

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01.17.2013 , 08:00 PM | #11
Anyone remember the Mac commercials, where Mac claimed their computers are hacker-proof and never get viruses?

Then, when Mac sales picked up, Macs started having problems with viruses and hackers.

(Tried to find the commercial on YouTube, no luck, but I do remember a comercial where they claimed Macs don't get viruses).

The only reason they were able to make that claim at the time, was because few people had Macs, and hackers were just not interested in Macs, because so few people were dumb enough to buy them.

That changed pretty quick once Mac convinced enough people that Macs were better and more fun than PCs. Welcome to the New Age of Stupid.

Macs, whishing they could look like PC, smart, professional, and well dressed. Instead of looking like a college dropout.
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01.17.2013 , 08:26 PM | #12
Don't do it.
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